Do You Conduct A Marketing Strategies Review?

You Should Be Conducting A Marketing Strategies Review Regularly

It is a bit of a mouthful so let me break this marketing guide outline and fully explain what I am talking strategies review

Every home business will have to create a marketing plan before they begin marketing. But the key to developing a great marketing plan is to



What marketing level have you reached this stage? In other words, are you a beginner, intermediate or an advanced marketer?


You are a beginner and new to internet marketing. That may well be someone who has never generated a lead for their business.


You have tried some internet marketing but have not been able to generate a substantial amount of leads (20 or less per day) on a regular basis.


You have been marketing for a considerable amount of time and you are generating a substantial amount of leads (above 20 per day) regularly.


What Types Of Marketing Should I Consider?

Social Marketing

Beginners should only consider using just one social marketing strategy, such as Facebook or YouTube

Content Marketing

Also, beginners should choose one of the following, either video marketing or article marketing

Paid Marketing

Beginners should only consider one form of paid advertising, such asĀ  MSN PPC or YAHOO PPC and only move on to GOOGLE PPC if you have a lot of money to burn.

For Intermediate and advanced marketers you basically put more time into your marketing and choose more options.

For me now in 2017 Paid Advertising is the fastest and most profitable way of developing a business online.


To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Marketing strategies review.

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