Making Decisions Is A Strength We All Need

Making Decisions Can Be Powerful

Making decisions or the lack of thereof is the number 1 symptom of a lack of persistence, is a failure to identify and discover or determine precisely what an individual wants as their outcome or destination.making decisions

In other words, being undecided about their exact goal or what they want to work towards.This is absolutely crucial when commencing any cause, project or worthwhile program. So think about some of your schemes or master plans.

Did you manage to get to a point where you knew exactly, down to the last detail, what you wanted? You see, most people never even get this far when beginning their new home business etc. Having started a fresh endeavor, did you get to this point in your decision making? I very much hope so.

Because if you didn’t get that far, I can guess your success level and in fact, I can probably guess your bank balance. So a crystal clear idea of what you desire is an absolutely vital requirement. 

Have you ever made a decision that maybe you had been putting off? How did it feel when you finally committed to that decision? I bet it felt absolutely great. You probably felt elated that you had released some of the pressure that you had been hoarding inside of you.

They key is to live your life boldly, confidently and powerfully. It is okay to ease off on occasions, but the main thing is that making decisions frees up space in a cluttered mind and each decision is a brick in a wall. The more bricks you lay, the more strength you gain. Each small decision takes you nearer to making the big decisions.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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