Make Hard Choices Now Not Later

Make Hard Choices Today. Only Associate With The Best People.

Make some hard choices as soon as you can and stop spending time around people who just drag you down. You know the ones I am referring to?  Those people, who concentrate on drama, negativity, gossip and arguments.

These people don’t push you around and make it obvious. They nudge you and ease you into their world gradually. Some do it without thinking and others do it knowingly. Either way your life will start to go downhill or slide slowly towards oblivion.

Strong words? Not really my friend, because the effect of spending time around gloomy and pessimistic people is horrendous in the long term. By the time that you realize that you have been wrestled down this rabbit hole, it maybe too late to recover.

Create A Large Space Between You And Defeatists

What effect do you think that the defeatist has on you, when he says something like, “I can’t do this.” or “This can’t be done?” Over time you will start question your own ability to cope, overcome or conquer, if you stay around these losers for too long. Tell them immediately, “Either you have to change your mindset or we are going to part company.” make hard choices

Honestly though, you will end up letting these people go, because it is rare for people to change. It does happen, but not very often.In fact they have to learn to fight for their own future, before they try to get back into your life.

Sometimes you need to take the 10,000 foot view and ask yourself some serious questions about who you are mixing with.There are two question you should ask yourself, “Who am I around?” and “What are they doing to me.” I think I heard those questions on a Jim Rohn audio tape many years ago.

In Summary

Take a look at your alliances, partnerships and affiliations. Make sure that you are not surrounded by cynical, harmful and toxic associates. Review who you spend your 168 hours per week with and remove those relationships that don’t serve you well.

Refuse to allow any poisonous or unsavoury people into your intimate or social space. This must be everywhere including your business, your career, your spiritual experience, your extended family, your hobbies and sports. It is time to make a change, if you have not done so already. Your associations will determine your success.

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To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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Make hard choices.

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