Make A Pact

Make A Pact With Yourself Right Now

When I say make a pact, I am suggesting with yourself and not necessarily with someone else, although that could be an option or an alternative, if you think that accountability could be a challenge for you moving forward. You make a pact to get yourself into action if you are maybe procrastinating or delaying the action point, whether that is getting fit or losing weight.

To make an impact in a specific area you need to hold yourself to account and if you make a pact, it may well ensure you do whatever is required to achieve the end result, whatever that may be.

Let us assume that you make a pact first of all by making a written record of exactly what you want the outcome to be and you will be displaying that piece of paper in a prominent place in your home. 

make a pactYou have also conducted a coaching or mastermind session in the mirror and said to your reflection, what you intend to do and you have said this out aloud, hopefully when you are alone for obvious reasons. 

The main components of keeping this pledge to yourself are consistent effort and persisting until the pact or pledge is complete. I hope that you would all agree with this?

You must:-

1, Make sure you can see a copy or many copies of your pact to keep it at the forefront of your mind, whilst you go about your normal activities. This is crucial on your psyche to see it at regular intervals throughout your day.

2. Make at least two visits to the same mirror daily and repeat aloud what your pact is, your intentions and your outcome.

3. Take out an insurance policy and share your pact with a close friend, family member or business associate (if applicable), but only if that person is on the same wavelength. Do not share your intentions with another if you feel that the person listening may not share your positive thoughts about encourage you.

4. Keep it real simple and easy to implement.

You can make a pact in any area of your choosing, so let me give you some areas where this may be of benefit to you.

Exercise, sports, network marketing, health issues, personal development, spiritual goals, general wellness, career goals, business, family and children. The list will be endless, but find areas of interest to you and go to it.

I hope you found this helpful and will share the article if you think that it may be useful to someone else.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey