Luck Is An Attitude Would You Agree That?

If Luck Is An Attitude, How Come I Don’t Have Any?

Luck is an attitude, you better believe it. Luck is there for some network marketers, but not for others. Why is that? You must understand that life isn’t fair, first of all and also that you can tip the luck balance in your favor by allowing the numbers to work for you.

Your body language, your mindset, your attitude and the massive action that you take will determine your success. I think that people create their own luck, a lot of the time.

You have to look at your own attraction factor and see how you are received or perceived by others.

So how do you come across to people, when they first meet you?

In other words you have to become a person who can communicate extremely well with everyone consistently.

You have to understand what attracts people towards you. Realize that people are either drawn towards or repelled by you. luck-is-an-attitude

Now obviously there will be a lot of middle ground when meeting individuals. Some may grow to like you, whilst others may not be that bothered whether they meet you again and that is just the way it is.

Even the best, strike out a lot of the time, so don’t worry about it. Move on.

You Definitely Make Your Own Luck

You make your own luck by improving your own personal work ethic and talking to lots of people every day. Your ratio of results will improve if you up the number of people you approach and engage in FUN conversation. You must have a great natural smile and be friendly first, before anything else.

Most people don’t understand that on most occasions, “luck is an attitude”. Because if you are a grump and then you talk to 100 people, your results will suck, won’t they? You know they will, so you have to change all of that.

You have to ask yourself some quality questions here, such as, “Would I want to work with me?” or “How am I coming across to other people?” If you ask questions of quality, then you receive quality answers.

In Summary

First of all you have get out of the house and mix with people in your local area persistently. Ensure that you tell your face that you are happy and expect good things to happen.

Spend your days being real nice and complimenting people on some of the good things they do, like their great service, fantastic smile or the fact that they are extremely sharp.

Make sure that your love of life actually comes across to those people that you meet and you keep working on you on a daily basis. Personal development is most definitely the key to improving your involvement with other people, mixed with the numbers game.

You have to feel good to have good results, but more importantly you have to feel great to have great results. So what results do you really want to have? It is your choice how you feel about life and what lifestyle you will have in the future.

As a test for yourself, go out today and set yourself a real target of smiling at 10 people or saying “Hello.” This will set you on the road to stardom in the network marketing profession. It really is that simple.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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Luck Is An Attitude.