Low Blows Suck Big Time

The Low Blows Will Come Believe Me

Life will deal you low blows on occasions. You won’t be ready for them and they will knock your legs right from under you. Sometimes it is just going to rain on your parade and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it most of the time. Low blows suck.

There will be certain times when the wind may well be knocked out of your sails. You will most probably be left shocked into complete disbelief or numbed with pain. The key is what you do about it and how you react after the initial shock has gone.

Now no-one can predict the size of the trauma or how you are going to feel at that moment, because the event, before it has happened is totally unknown. We can only face the challenge, problem or jump over that obstacle once we are confronted with it.

Everyone Manages Disasters In Different Ways

Some people get back off of the floor immediately, others take a bit of time and others never recover at all. It depends on who you are as a person.

As a police officer I remember on too many occasions having to deliver what we called a ‘Death Message.’ The worst ones were where you had to tell parents that their son or daughter were either dead or badly injured in an accident.

There were times when I was physically attacked (although I was never really in any danger of being injured). Some people would just collapse, while others would scream and shout.

So The Effect Of A Low Blow Can Hit You At Any Time

I also remember when my daughter of 5 months had a heart operation. I was the one who stayed at the hospital leading up to the operation and everyone else was really upset and found it hard to deal with. There I was as strong as an ox, appearing cool and in command, which I was.

My stress came out 6 months later whilst on duty as a police officer on duty. I broke down whilst dealing with an incident just out of the blue. At the time I had no idea why I got really upset and it took me some time to understand and realize the reason why.

My mind and body obviously needed to eject the upset, stress and worry from my body when it was ready to do so. When I understood why, I was actually quite glad that I had managed to release the feelings into the atmosphere.

Read What Les Brown Had To Say About Low Blows

Do not stop living. Now and again life deals each of us a low blow. It knocks the wind right out of us and we lay there stunned. Do not stop living because a relationship that you wanted badly ended, a job that you gave your all to laid you off, or someone you love has passed on.

Everyone hits that wall. Down the line someone will look at you and think to themselves, either, “Wow, what grace and strength. That person has been through something,” or they will think, “Wow. What happened to that person? Life has jacked them up.” Grief and worry will mark you as surely as will love and forgiveness. Each is clearly visible on your face.

In times of adversity allow the natural buoyancy in your spirit to carry your upward. Think of your successes, large and small, and how they swelled your breast with pride. What simple gesture once brought you joy? Be still and remember these things as if they were but a moment ago.

The world needs your unabashed joy. Smell the flowers. Dance in the sunshine. Smile. Be joyful. Your life is not over. Years from now you will see that your destiny came from this dark moment; something you would never have, or do, or be, had you not gone through that thing. Allow Providence it’s due. Embrace and be grateful for every moment, every emotion and every experience in your life. You have GREATNESS within you!low-blows

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Strong People Bounce Back When They Are Ready

Hopefully you are a strong, bold and confident person, because your readiness to spring back to life will probably be determined by the good work that you do before the incident or event. Low blows are an accepted way of life, you just know when they are going to happen.

If your preparation is non existent or weak, then it might take a long time to return to normal. If you have done some work then the time span could be shortened considerably.

Remember life will deal you low blows along the way, so ensure you surround yourself with strong supportive people who are optimistic understanding and forward thinking. Individuals that are empathetic and sympathetic, but also help make you stronger just by who they are and what they represent.

In other words people who allow you to bounce back within your time frame.

The main component is your belief levels and having the knowledge that whatever happens you can recover and come back stronger than ever before.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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