Look Around There Are Opportunities

Look Around And Be Aware

The network marketing profession allows an individual to increase his income exponentially. Can you see yourself making a 1000 a month extra, infinitely more or earning very little? But you need to pay attention and look around. Awareness is everything.

Everyone will be different according to their attitude, self image and belief. What I can say is that you turn the full 360 degrees and look around, you will find that you are totally surrounded by an abundance of opportunities.

You see most distributors walk around with their eyes to the ground, unaware that there are numerous people out there who would join them in their opportunity, if they knew about it and were approached in the right way.

The Big Keys Are Awareness And Observation.

As I have mentioned before you have to be alert, sharp and alive to the possibilities, gems and aces that surround you every day. Now you know that they are out there just waiting for you to chat to them, why is it then that you don’t go after them?

We all know that some people are nervous, fear failure and this is quite common. But you can work on your skills and confidence whilst you build your business.look-around-there-are-opportunities

The biggest skills you can acquire in the area of recruiting are, awareness, vigilance and observation. You must start paying full attention to those people who may well be crying out for what you have to offer.

You must learn to be perceptive when around prospective partners. You know, the sharp waitress who is on top of her game, the experienced manager who has lost his way and faces downsizing or the hungry young executive who is either being held back or has no chance of advancement.

Great People Are Like Diamonds And There Are Many

In a nice way, this is like going into a garden and looking at rows of apple trees or similar. If you take care and pick or select the best apples, you will not be disappointed. It is a numbers game, as we all know, but it is important that you carefully choose the ones you want to work with.

Although the very best diamonds (great people) are rare, there are many of them to select from, as long as you are out in the field persistently. To remain in the field requires you to keep your eyes peeled, whilst remaining watchful. So, spend your precious time using your vision to find the real gemstones that surround you.

If you were informed that the beach had thousands of rubies and emeralds buried in a particular area. Would you complain about the cost of a bucket and spade or would you just get down there asap? Personally I would drive a digger down there, but unfortunately others would take a tea spoon or a cup. What about you?

To Your Success


Paul Bursey