Listen To Your Inner Voice

Listen To Your Inner Voice

Of course, you listen to your inner voice, don’t you? But what is it saying? Is it positive or negative?

Outrageous monkey chatter inside your grey stuff will direct your life if you let it. By all means, listen to your inner voice, but make sure that the information you are feeding your mind is great stuff.

Is it as easy to change things as the so-called experts try and make it sound? But maybe a little bit harder in practice.

listen to your inner voiceWell, one thing is for sure you know the words that are swirling around your head on a consistent basis. Think about this very carefully, before you answer this next couple of questions.

Is the internal dialogue, this imaginary conversation going on in your mind, mainly good or bad stuff?

If it is super positive, can you improve it?

If it is depressingly horrible are you determined to do something about it now?

I think that if you could write your thoughts down and read them out loud, you would be both amazed and disappointed at the same time. Excited by the happy words you tell yourself and on a bit of a downer at the garbage that has seeped in.

You see one of the most important things that you can do for yourself starting today is beginning to eliminate the crap that enters your brain.

So how do you do this successfully?

You need to pay more attention to the details and act accordingly.

Let us look at a few examples of the types of dialogue that creep into your thought patterns.

A person is late and you start getting annoyed, thinking all sorts of things.

You do not complete your to-do list for that day and start attacking yourself mentally.

Maybe you receive a demand for money and you react in a way that doesn’t serve you.

I could go on, but I think that you get the picture. look things are going to happen. As Jim Rohn says, ‘What happens, happens to everyone. It rains on the rich.’

So it isn’t what happens that makes the difference, it is what you do about it and what type of self-talk you allow into your mind that will determine your outcome or the final result.

Learn to say, ‘I can handle that.’

So, in conclusion, watch what you think about, what you watch, what you listen to and allow into your head. There are two things you can control:-

1. Your reaction to life’s challenges, problems and hurdles AND

2. The selection of words that play inside your head.

Remember ‘I can handle anything that life throws at me and come back smiling. Is it going to be easy? Well, I will let you answer that.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey