Life Is About Kicking Ass Not Kissing It

Life Is About Kicking Ass In The Achievement Arena

Well having read the opening headline, life is about kicking ass, you knew this wasn’t going to be a comfortable ride for you, didn’t you? if you are serious about building your network marketing business successfully, you are going to have to listen to some an upline leader, speaker or mentor who is going to tell you exactly how things really are and that it may not be a smooth journey for you.

Life is about kicking ass, for the entrepreneur, it really is. If you are going to be effective and win in the game of life, you need to start hitting hard, starting right now. Unfortunately, a lot of people come from the type of background, where they are used to kissing butt, rather than kicking it. Hey come on nearly everyone has been there at one time or another.

It is fantastic when you can break free from the shackles that bind you. Those leg irons that stop you expressing yourself as you really want. Now you are faced with the real opportunity to control your destiny and move forward. It is now time to understand that from this moment on life is about kicking ass, in a positive way. 

Kicking Ass Is An Attitude, A Posture, Not Dictatorship

Now please don’t get me wrong here. I do not mean for you to be nasty to anyone, but just by making the decision to achieve something worthwhile and then taking the necessary actions to get there is sufficient is about kicking ass

Kicking ass as an entrepreneur is not like acting like a drill sergeant, sergeant major or dictator. It is saying, I will do it or die or similar. It is all about becoming very professional, persistent, consistent and tenacious in your current venture. It is about kicking your own ass on occasions and laughing about it as well. You mustn’t get too serious.

Do Most People Adopt The Life Is About Kicking Ass, Mantra?

Most people, unfortunately, do not have what it takes to succeed. Yes, life is about kicking ass, but it is also about being open to all possibilities, being flexible in your thinking and learning to do all this with a smile on your face. It is coming from a place of service but at the same time not babysitting people or carrying them. 

The average person has lost whatever dream they once had and for most of them, it appears to be an irreversible situation. They are like a rabbit caught in the headlights of the oncoming motor vehicle. But what about you. Are you ready to accept that life is about kicking ass? I hope that you are.

I Am Ready To Kick Ass, What Now?

Well, understand that the only thing stopping you succeeding in your network marketing opportunity is you and your limiting beliefs. That’s it, there are no excuses left for you now. Yes, I have been there as well, quite a few times, so I am talking from experience.

Look at this way, if you were a talented international athlete with great promise of an Olympic medal in Brazil in 2016 and you didn’t make it, who would you blame? Your coach, your training program or your friends and family. No, if you don’t make it, then apart from injury, which sometimes you have no control over, there is only one place to look and that my friends is in the mirror.

Life is about kicking ass and network marketing it is no different. Make money or make excuses. 

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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