Let Your MLM Grow At Your Pace

Grow At Your Pace. Work Hard, But Never Allow Yourself To Be Bullied

I personally believe that sometimes you can get caught up in the excitement of everything and your MLM or network marketing business and it can grow slowly or rapidly, but it is your choice how fast it grows, it should be at your pace, not someone else’s.

Now if you bring Joe in and he is like an express train, then fantastic, but that doesn’t have to control you and you should stick to building at your pace always. Why?

Some people are just ready to turn on the juice now and some people just aren’t there yet, because they have things to learn and that is neither good nor bad.grow at your pace

Not all newbies can be ignorance on fire, some distributors are slower, need structure and move at a much slower pace. This is a fact of life that everyone needs to be totally aware of. If your company’s proven and tested system that you operate within is efficient, then it will allow both quickfire growth and slow burn.

If you need confirmation of this, just talk to ten people about how they get up in the morning, some exercise early, some eat a hearty breakfast, some even just take it slow, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. So it tells us that we are all individuals who will get there in our own way.

We are all unique, have different lives and is important that your business fits in with what you are looking for, it has to tie in with your wants, ambitions, and dreams, not your uplines.

Your outcome is your outcome and you must set your own schedule and move at your pace always, otherwise your opportunity may well be loosened from your grasp by circumstances that seem to spiral out of control.

I know that this may well seem a bit controversial to some and that is ok, it is only my opinion. But I can tell you this though. If an upline started laying down the law about how I should run my life and my business, I would quit. Having said that, I am not referring to training, guidance, and assistance, which we all probably require.

Although most of us need a track to run on and be part of a larger team that works in unison and synergy, we must retain our individualism, creativity, and imagination, otherwise we may well become a zombie. You never have to re-invent the wheel but move at your pace.

What are your thoughts?

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Grow at your pace.