Learning To Control Your Attitude

Mastering Change By Learning To Control Your Attitude

To “control your attitude” is imperative in network marketing, as well as every other area of your life. Your attitude says everything about you and it will be the difference in whether you are successful in your chosen endeavor or not.

So as you would have probably read before or at least heard previously, you cannot control circumstances or what happens to you, normally, but you can control your attitude”

There is very little that you can influence because most things are outside your circle of influence. So you have to deal with interesting and challenging occurrences as they happen and understand this, things will happen to you, good and bad. The key is what you do about them and how you react to such events.learning to control your attitude

To be able to control your attitude” is a vital skill to acquire or possess when you are doing your best to run your life and your business, in the best way possible.

How Do You Control Your Attitude?

One of the ways that you can achieve this is by controlling your emotional outbursts and intelligence. You have to accept that there are going to good days and there are going to be crappy days. There are going to be days that are smooth and just flow and there are going to be other days or weeks where you are hit by a hurricane. Learning to control your attitude is essential on your journey.

If your rising star, Harry quits at the point where he appears to be a promising leader, how do you react? Do you throw your teddy bear in the corner of the room, throw a tantrum and kick the cat or do you take stock, chill out and say, “This is just one of the things that happen, let’s move on.” He who loses control has lost the battle.

In learning to control your attitude”  you have to be cool and take things in your stride, whatever comes your way.

Take Control Of Your Thoughts, Actions And Reactions

Mastering change” is important and understanding that anything and everything can happen and probably will. But you must learn how to roll with the punches and come back fighting quickly. In fact almost immediately.

It is not just a case of controlling your attitude, but your thinking, what you initiate and how you first react to an event also. You must make it an ongoing challenge when “mastering change” to observe what you actually do and making sure that the event doesn’t master you in any way.

It is okay to be in the mess on occasions but doesn’t stay there. If you are knocked down, don’t remain on the canvas, jump back up, clear your head and start slugging again. Control your attitude”

Keep on keeping on.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Learning To Control Your Attitude

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