Learn To Attract

Learn To Attract Connect And Influence New Clients?

Learning how to “attract new clients”, distributors, other network marketers, leaders on an ongoing basis is crucial, if you are to be an outrageous success in your network marketing business. So how do you that? When I talk about clients, I am referring to prospective partners as well. Learn to attract, not drive away.

Well to “attract new clients” you will need to know your business from top to bottom or do you? I see both types of people, newbies and experienced, have excellent success, why is that? Excitement, pure and simple. The new person engages people by using ignorance on fire and the experienced person has that special aura and posture, which exudes magnetism. 

Either way, whoever you are, you must find an engaging way of attracting people to you, if you want to make money. It is that simple folks. Network marketing flows when you are talking to and drawing people towards you.learn to attract

You may have to pay attention to a few areas that you need to approve on, such as self image, attitude, dress, dialogue, body language or the fun side of you. It is all about paying attention to how you are coming across to other people. Do they move towards you because they feel and think “wow” or are they repelled by your actions, speech and demeanour?

Attraction And Connection Are Closely Linked

You have taken care of yourself and learnt how to attract new clients, but you have to make sure that you connect with those same people, otherwise all your attraction efforts will be wasted.To be able to “connect” with people, you will have to be confident, but not obnoxious. You must be natural and go with the flow. Learn to attract, not repel.

Connection is not something that you can force, it is a combination of being on the right page with someone initially and being totally relaxed, cool, calm and chilled out. You have to be there in a group or on your own with someone and feel totally comfortable being in the presence of others.

So attract first and then move smoothly into the connection phase, almost immediately. It is all about being human, easy to be with and engaging in interesting dialogue with other people. How you come across to others is the most critical part of this whole process and it is a two way thing.

You will never know this of course, but what you want the other people or person saying to themselves is, “I like this person and want to spend time around them.” So think very carefully about what attracts you towards other people and makes you want to stay around them. 

Ask yourself the question, “How can I “connect” with like minded people?”

Move From Attraction, Through Connection To Influence

Once you have cracked the code and can attract and connect with like minded people, you need to learn how to “influence” those same people. Most people struggle on the first two parts of this triangle, so these areas are where the work is completed, although for it to work well, you need to make it feel comfortable and natural.

Influence is where the final magic happens and it doesn’t have to be a degree course. It quite simple be one sentence that makes the sit up and take notice. Let me give you a couple of examples of dialogue with a prospective partner.

“Do you know anyone who is smart and ambitious?” OR “Do you keep your options open when it comes to making money? (Incisive and Impactive

It could be a person who you would like as a client and you would have to adjust what you say to fit the circumstances. I am in the health and wellness industry, so I might say something like this,

“Is there anyone in here who suffers from regular headaches?” The sentence is short, to the point and normally gets a positive response, which would give you a way to “influence” someone rapidly. You cannot influence until you attract and connect with another.

You can only “influence” someone, if you know your business, make them feel comfortable around you and then you can move forward positively. People only deal with those people that they know, like and trust. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Learn to attract