Lack Of Organized Plans

Lack Of Organized Plans Has Failure Written All Over It

Lack of organized plans is one of the most neglected areas of progress. Most people do not set goals and even less actually plan their business and make a record of what they must do in order to move the project forward.lack of organized plans

The key in planning is to know your outcome and then you can create a blueprint to give you a track to run on. Now, these plans or blueprints, do not have to be complicated but they do have to give you direction and focus.

Remember that these plans are not for building a factory or a house, they are for your mlm or network marketing business.

As we know, persistence is a critical factor in your success arsenal, regardless of what your endeavors are. But one of the keys are written organized plans, so spend some time making excellent plans so you know what you are going to be doing that day, week or month.

Unlike a draughtsman’s plans, the plan that we are going to be involved in, will be simple and effective. It must also be totally flexible because if we find that something isn’t working we may need to constantly tweak things to keep the blueprint on target.

In our industry the plans revolve around lead generation, so you shouild have two types of plans. One for the short term (now prospects) and one for long term (a regular flow of prospects in the future). So just to put some meat on the bones, here is a snippet of one of my plans Long Term Strategy (12 month strategy)

  1. Make 5 short 30-45 second videos a week
  2. Update my three blogs every day
  3. Write one excellent pillar article a week

It is very simple, effective and consistent. That is the way it should be moving forward and subject to change. So I hope you are starting to see that creating organised written plans is extremely important for you and your business moving into the new year.

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Lack of organized plans.

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