Make A Change If You Need To

Make A Change. Knowing Is Not Enough

I suppose anyone could just sit there and state the obvious, that they “need to make a change”, but how many actually do something about it? 

Most people know exactly what is wrong or what they need to do, but few get their butt in gear and really do their utmost to improve their situation and this can relate to absolutely anything.

The “need to make a change” is universal, but only a few individuals demonstrate the guts and determination to finally take charge of their life, their situation, their business etc and make the necessary adjustments required.

The Need To Make A Change Is A Personal Choice

When all is said and done, tweaking things slightly or making major improvements is a personal matter and it is up to the individual as to whether they make that change or not. You cannot make people change and it is wrong to try. 

People on most occasions, will either resist or rebel, if someone instructs them to change. So it must be a voluntary action or set of actions taken by the person willing to undergo some form of transformation for it to mean something and make a lasting change. <make a change

If you make things an edict, then people will fight their corner, resist the urge to leave their comfort zone and refuse to engage in what they need to do for themselves. Guidance, coaching  and being a mentor are great, just so long as the person is seeking help and assistance already.

As they say suggestion and flow rather than force or coercion is the order of the day. The “need to make a change” must fall within a natural course of events for someone, rather than being shunted into a corner. 

It Takes Courage To Admit There Is A Need For A Change

A lot of people realise that they should make the effort and move forward, but not everyone will. It tells you a lot about a person if they can say to themselves or others, “I need to change.” 

Personally I think it not only takes guts, but courage and determination as well, for a person to not only admit that there is a challenge to be taken in the first place, but then actually taking it head on and dealing with it.

Follow through is critical for an individual’s psyche and well being. There is always a “need to make a change” and we just need to pay attention and be aware of these times and act accordingly, when it suits our situation and timing.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Making a change