Keep Your Head Up And Your Spirit Strong

Keep Your Head Up In Network Marketing?

If you are keeping your back straight, standing tall and your head up, you will feel more powerful. If you slouch and look down on the ground, you will represent defeat and weakness. It is a simple concept really, but it is something that a lot of people do not pay attention to. Remember keep your head up.

If you can add movement and motion to this upright posture of keeping your head up, this can only enhance the real or new you and boost your self image tremendously. Overall you will be feeling good about yourself and it may well bring a smile to that face.

People who look at the ground give the appearance of someone who lacks passion and direction. Whereas a man or woman who keeps their head up, knows where they are going in life and oozes confidence.

So, who do you think becomes the leader and who people join, the person who shuffles along, appears to lack power, low self esteem, maybe disheveled and who mumbles, or the individual who has that beaming smile on their face, keeps their head up so people can see their face, powerful, confident and has a strong spirit?keep-your-head-up

I know who I would choose to follow and learn from. Out of those two descriptions above, which one generally do you think would inspire you towards achievement, Mr Weak Slouch or Mr Steve Strong?

I know it is a silly question really, but some of you still hang around with Mr Slouch and wonder why your network marketing business hasn’t got off of the ground yet.

The other thing to consider is that if the person is looking at the ground, they do not display their mouth or face when speaking.

They may give the impression that they are not a very open and warm person. Also they may appear to be hiding the truth or in fact lying.

A successful network marketer must not have the posture of a loser, as this will repel people rather than attract them.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System