Keep On Moving Forward Until You Win

Keep On Moving Forward And Never Stop

Keep on moving forward at pace. Because if you don’t keep on progressing you will surely come to a halt, rust up and seize up, maybe for good.

Moving forward is very simply about placing the next foot in front of you, one after the other and not ever considering stopping.

Personally I remember training for the marathon and on quite a few occasions just wanted a rest, because my ankles, knees or muscles were painful. Lucky for me I just ignored the vast majority of these ‘Quit Signals’ and managed to push on through the discomfort barriers to reach my goal.

Are You Capable Of Moving Forward Regardless?

Can you keep going? I honestly don’t know for you. It is very much a personal decision for everyone, which is then followed by a series of continuous actions.

I don’t know what your goals are or in which field you find yourself, but I do know that you must keep on moving forward if you want to accomplish, succeed or attain a result of value.

How do you keep moving forward? I suppose it boils down to how badly you actually want it? keep-on-moving-forward

Passion, strong feelings and desire must burn brightly in your heart, mind and soul to satisfy any hunger you need taking care of.

Will It Be Easy For You?

Most probably not my friend. I won’t kid you here and say that it will be easy, because if it is something really worthwhile it is definitely going to test your courage and your mettle along the way. Oh and by the way, you will have to fight all the way to the end to reach your goal and to be fair, that is how it should be.

Is It Worth The Time And Effort?

Is it all worth it? Again you must answer that question for yourself. I think that if you have selected your goals wisely, then to be able to keep on moving forward will never be a problem for you.

If something is of extreme value to you, you will nurture and protect it. If it is of no value, then you will reject very easily at the first hurdle or obstacle.

Also to keep on going relentlessly makes good common sense because if you take time off or procrastinate, there is a strong possibility, no more like a probability that you will throw in the towel and quit.

Hey you are the only one that has to look in that mirror, aren’t you?

To Your Success

Paul Bursey