Keep Moving And Keep Fighting

Keep Moving And Keep Fighting Is The Way Forward

Let me ask you a question here. Are you the type of person who keeps chipping away and completes fundamentals every day, specifically directed towards your business growth?

We all know that network marketing requires hard work, commitment and persistence, but how consistent are you, on a day to day basis?

To Keep Moving Become A Tenacious Bulldog

You are going to have to become tenacious and relentless, if you hope to win in this network marketing profession. This means always forging ahead, moving onward and being prepared to fight for your future.

If you aren’t prepared to scrimmage and engage fully in your opportunity and build the groundwork or foundations, it will become increasingly tougher to stand your ground and oppose the negative forces that are willing you to quit

So What Does Keep Moving Mean?

To move forward means to take care of the simple tasks that you have set yourself for that day. Moving forward constantly is a fundamental ingredient of success.

It could mean making 5 to 10 telephone calls to prospects or customers or showing 2 people your business opportunity every weekday.keep-moving

Whatever your tasks are, ensure that you are only involved in income producing activities and not paper shuffling and non productive work.

Never Confuse Activity With Accomplishment

It is so easy to become a confidence trickster in network marketing. Now I don’t mean swindling other people. I am referring to conning yourself, by replacing quality action with time wasting movement and inaction.

We all get busy and run around like a headless chicken doing this and doing that, but the truth is a large majority of your productive time is either discarded or misused, by becoming involved in worthless, unimportant or unproductive behavior.

The average person confuses movement with achievement. So stay sharp, stay focused and only engage in showing your business, your products or following through with prospective clients and partners.

In Summary

So the message here is to keep you on track permanently. You can do this by always doing something positive every day, in order to keep your business heading in the right direction.

At the same time as advancing in direction of your aim or purpose, you also need to learn how to be able to scrap, contest and show some backbone.

You know you are unique, now go show the profession you are a winner.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey