Keep Fit And Healthy To Reach Your Outcome Quicker

Do Entrepreneurs Need To Keep Fit And Healthy?

First of all, everyone should keep fit and healthy, but with someone like an entrepreneur, they need to be ahead of the pack. The only way that an entrepreneur is going to do that is by staying fit and healthy.

But why is it so important?

If an entrepreneur feels unfit, unwell or they just plain ache, they will not be concentrating on the task at hand. It is that simple. Their performance will suffer over the long term. Entrepreneurs need to be on the ball and acutely aware of what is happening all around them. Awareness and observation are critical factors in the life of an entrepreneur.

keep-fit-and-healthyYou hear people say, “Well I just don’t have the time to keep fit and healthy.”

I have some news for entrepreneurs, ‘MAKE THE TIME!’ There are no excuses here that you can come up with that will hold any weight or argument.

Take a look at the top entrepreneurs around you, whether they are online or offline. They are vibrant, alive and full of beans. Why because they take care of their minds and their bodies.

Ok, an entrepreneur might say, “I am starting to see what you mean, but what can I do starting today that will make a difference?”

Now, pay attention because this is very complicated stuff and I don’t want anyone to get it wrong.

Before we get into that though, an entrepreneur must know their outcome. An entrepreneur’s goal as I see it is to stay sharp, remain focused and have boundless energy 24 hours a day, which will require them to keep fit and healthy

Energy can only come from four areas, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and alcohol (not required, but we all love a glass of red wine). So it is all about a balanced nutritional diet.

But, here are the five keys to staying sharp as a razor. (your choice though)

1. Plenty of sleep

2. Moderate exercise ( a walk will do every day)

3. Drink plenty of excellent fluids (minimum of 2 liters daily)

4. A nutritional diet with plenty of antioxidants

5. Planned daily relaxation, such as meditation

6. Personal development

So for an entrepreneur to keep fit and healthy they will need to have sufficient sleep, they already sleep, so there is no new time to be found there. Food and fluids can be taken at various times of the day, so again new time to be found there.

The exercise can be incorporated into their workdays, such as walking to and from the train station or a walk at lunchtime. So at this stage, the entrepreneur has not had to find any extra time.

The only areas where time would probably have to be set aside is in the areas of meditation and personal development.

So hopefully entrepreneurs can see that in order to keep fit and healthy they do not have to find too much extra time to take care of themselves, physically and mentally.

So entrepreneurs should just try it and they will see their health improve drastically, their fitness becomes easier and their energy levels will soar dramatically. The result will mean more productivity, more money, and a happier entrepreneur.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey