Its Time To Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself. Because There Isn’t Any Guarantee That Anyone Else Will.

It is time to believe in yourself, mainly because you haven’t done that in the past, have you.

Yes you can say that you believe in yourself, but the real person you have to convince is you.

Would you look me in the eye and say, “I totally believe in myself 100% and I will be successful in the next 90 days.”

If your answer is an emphatic, “yes.” then fantastic, if not then you have some work to do.

Ask Yourself A Quality Question And Receive A Quality Answer

If I said to you, “Do you believe in yourself?” It is easy to say, “Yes.” But if you were confronted by a leader and asked a more precise and specific question, you may not be as quick to jump in with any answer, that sounds good.

Why? Because a quality question is strong, powerful and not wishy washy.

The truth is that the vast majority of network marketers and people in life generally, do not believe that life is really going to get much better. Their results really speak for themselves.believe-in-yourself

Even The Best Sports People Struggle With Belief.

How can I be so sure that the masses don’t believe in their abilities, capabilities and their outcome? Take a look at top athletes in all sports and listen to what they say and watch how they act.

People like Sebastian Vettel (Formula 1 World Champion) and Chris Froome (Winner of the 2013 Tour De France) ooze passion, commitment and a winning mindset. There is little room for excuses or complaint.

Listen and watch other top sports people who make all kind of excuses for their defeat or why they didn’t win. So if they can display a lack of belief, it is very easy to see why us mere mortals do likewise.

Confidence goes hand in hand with belief and I see the very best soccer players at the top of their game one week and the next week their confidence and believe levels are rock bottom, totally trashed and in the gutter.

Why would that happen? There is no firm foundation for them to build their believe and confidence on. Everybody needs a solid springboard to be able to move forward progressively.

You Are The Important One Here.

But, let’s go back to you and talk about your belief and your expectations. You have to build that base, that foundation and platform to propel your network marketing business into hyperspace.

Okay let’s accept that just maybe your believe level needs topping up at the very least. How would you go about doing that?

Take A Good Look At Who You Spend Your Time With?

There are two areas that shine out like a beacon here.

Firstly spend 30 minutes on personal development. I am currently listening to Tony Robbins every day. You hear this advice time and time again, but do you actually do this?

On average I do this 5 days a week. I will never miss my personal development.

Secondly only take the counsel and guidance of proven and inspiring leaders. Choose wisely and ignore anyone else within your network marketing company, because you will become confused and you will probably receive the wrong type of information.

In Summary

Start to passionately believe in yourself and do whatever is required to keep increasing your belief levels.

A lot of people are gutless in our profession, you are not one of them. Go do it!

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System