Grow Impatient. What Network Marketers?

So Why Do Network Marketers Grow Impatient?

It is amazing how many network marketers “grow impatient” because of a lack of early or quick success.

Now admittedly, I have taken it too far the other way and people have fallen asleep waiting for me to make a success of an opportunity. But the important thing is I make it in the end. What about you and your business?grow impatient

The trouble is the new person or couple turn up on their first day and probe their new venture and look around the website, order a few products and possibly talk to a few people about their exciting new business.

But they quickly become disillusioned when the dollars do not flow rapidly or at least in the first month or three. Come on now, you know exactly what I am talking about here, don’t you? Are you one of those people who  “grow impatient”  fast?

We All Would Like To Have Microwave Success

Most people who arrive in the network marketing industry dream of a fantastic lifestyle, but they want it now, today, next week. They want a $150K plus a year, but now they are presented with two massive problems here.

One they have never earned over $40K in a single year ever and they either forget or are ignorant to the fact, that they will only get the money when they are ready mentally and have taken care of business. So what happens they “grow impatient.”

Of course, we all would like to have microwave success when starting a brand new venture, but I believe that a serious reality check is required by most people.

Without trying to dampen anyone’s spirit or enthusiasm, you have to understand that there are only a few people out there that will ever build that fast. 

However nothing is impossible, but I want to ensure you remain in the industry and don’t bomb yourself out of it in 3 or 6 months.

Also, even if you are extremely fast out of the gate and build rapidly, you may be the exception to the rule, which is great for you, but could be devastating for your team or group, if they think they have got to be like you.

Teach your team not to “grow impatient.”

So Become Hungry For Success But Do Not Grow Impatient

If you are a fast starter, fantastic, no-one is trying to hold you up at all. As they say ignorance on fire is much better than knowledge on ice.

Fast is definitely more exciting than slow, but in my humble opinion, there are many more tortoises out there, than there are hares, so pay attention to this.

So the key here is to remain hungry for success, but at least stay until the fruits of your labor are there to be picked.

Don’t be one of those people who  “grow impatient”  and fizzle out, be a stayer and one of those winners who stick around and collect the Olympic Gold Medal and not just one of those so called superstars who grab the headlines one minute and disappear into the ether the next.

In Summary

Think about this for a minute or two. If you were studying to become a Doctor or Lawyer (Solicitor), would you quit if you didn’t qualify within 6 months or a year? Of course you wouldn’t , would you?

You have your plan set out for the next 5 to 8 years and would probably follow it to the letter or very close to it. I am right or not?

Do you join the army and find yourself a General after 2 years or become a CEO after your probationary period? So why should network marketing be any different?

Yes it is faster and more lucrative but stay the course, become a pro and refuse to “grow impatient”

To Your Success

Paul Bursey