It Is All About What You Do Isn’t It?

It Is All About What You Do Personally That Counts

You better believe that your results, success, and achievements will be in direct proportion to the amount of intelligent action you put into your business, today, this week and the rest of the month. It is all about what you do.

Don’t look towards other people, your group or your leadership team. Believe me, they are doing it and cranking out the numbers. So pay attention to what you are doing now. It is all about what you do that will determine your score in this game called network marketing and anything else you venture into along your journey.


Take a look at what you have planned for today. Does it include at least 80% of your time that will be engaged in the income-producing activity? I hope so because most network marketers do not use their time wisely and productive enough.

We all have to get away from this blame culture that seems to permeate through society and start taking full responsibility for our outcomes. Thorough planning followed by massive execution is called for on a daily basis.

It is time to up your game and be aware of what you are doing today and get a move on. Come on you know you have been coasting. Anything I write here applies just as much to me as you.

We all need to commit and be consistent with our actions. We can moan about things that are happening around us or we can crack on and leave the also-rans in the dust, your choice.

So make a decision today, in fact right now. Decide to be better those other people who you are around and show them the way, other than being dragged back to the point of inaction. Just do it guys.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

It is all about what you do