Winner In Life

It Pays To Be A Winner In Life

Personally I believe that ‘it pays to be a winner in life.’ WHY?¬†There are many reasons why it works in your favour to end up on the winner’s rostrum.

Now when you use the quote ‘it pays to be a winner’ you have to be very careful in what context that you use it in. Because if we are only referring to first place, then we exclude a whole bunch of people from winning.

If we are talking about the 100 metres final at this year’s summer Olympics, then yes, the first spot would be the best place to be, obviously. But there are many ways of winning in life and business.

The term ‘it pays to be winnerin life’ originates from the Navy Seals in the USA and I suppose in that game you must be a winner or otherwise the alternative may be terminal for the individual or group concerned.

You can use those words however and in whatever context you wish, because everyone will have their own description of what winning means to them, but let’s keep this related to your life and your network marketing business.winner in life

The first area you may wish to consider are your feelings. How are you going to feel if you win in the game of life? What emotions will be coursing through your veins and permeating through your mind?

Most probably you will feel elated, excited and feel on top of the world. Have you ever stopped to think about what winning would do for you mentally?

Wouldn’t you want that feeling or feelings to continue? I mean, the exhilaration you would feel or have felt in the past. Did it feel good? So what about if that was a regular occurrence? How would you feel then?

There are no guarantees in life and business that you will win, but if you do, who is to say that you can’t win again and again? ‘It pays to be a winner in life’ if you can finally say, ‘YES!’¬†

Can you imagine being a soccer player who scores many goals or a baseball player who hits many home runs. Why can’t that be you? Now that may not be in a sport, but what about your life? There are many occasions when you are in those positions and for some reason those people never even realise it. We miss the obvious.

‘It pays to be a winner in life’ and you can be a winner every day if you choose to be, by being grateful for what you have already. Yes, it is fantastic when we have those moments such as completing a marathon for the first time, but what about when you are there for the birth of your first child. Most of us forget that type of feeling and we don’t fully appreciate the moment.

Personally I was used to scoring many goals whilst playing soccer and winning races as an athlete and those are some of the best moments in my life, but to stand on top of a mountain with a brilliant view takes some beating and there are many of these brief moments in your life, so make sure you don’t miss them, capture them in your mind and on film.

So is the quote ‘it pays to be a winner in life’ correct? You bet, but don’t ignore the many great things around you now and that are happening daily. It is not only for those gifted few who appear to win in the game of life, it is also for us mere mortals who strive every day to just survive or get ahead.

‘It pays to be a winner in life’ is an attitude, so be open to winning and be aware of everything that is happening around you each week and make life a joy rather than a drudge or boring. Life can be mentally challenging at times, but make sure you win in your own mind. Life can be a series of remarkable experiences, so don’t miss out on the juice of life.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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Winner in life

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