It Is Time To Break Out Of The Box

Break Out Of The Box And Reach Your True Potential

So what do I mean when I say break out of the box? I could possibly be referring to escaping the drudgery of a job, breaking away from some old tradition or just getting clear from that prison cell, that you become incarcerated within by your own hand. Break out of the box.

The prison cell that I am talking about, is the one in your own mind, where all your limiting beliefs emanate and this has happened over many years, mainly because of your severe lack of drive, determination and a massive deficiency of courage and guts.

The strange or ludicrous thing is that most people remain in their situation regardless of whether they are aware of what is really happening or not.

break out of the boxWhat about you are you willing to change your present circumstances?

Are you prepared to fight your way out of that tight corner and change things around?

Don't you think that is time for you to break the chains that you have allowed to tie you down and hold you from back from the achievement that you seek and crave?

To break out the box for you, might be to start a brand new business or income opportunity, without having your hands manacled behind you, and allowing yourself to enjoy the taste of success for the first time. That success just may be earning your first $10 or $100 on the internet.

It could be running your first mile, a parachute jump or your initial scuba dive. To break out of the box for you will mean something very unique and totally amazing for you, not anyone else.

You must understand and comprehend the fact, that you can do it, whatever it is. Now obviously there are a few exceptions, but generally anything is possible for you.

Can You Be Any Age To Break Out Of The Box?

Absolutely, it doesn't matter when you get started, it can happen or occur at any age whatsoever. 

The only restrictions are the ones you place on yourself, so get started now, today to employ your second wind and get stuck into this latest opportunity that has miraculously appeared in front of you at this later stage in your journey.

Age is immaterial and it is all about your attitude towards yourself and the opportunity, rather than the face you see reflected back to you in the mirror. 

Now no-one can help the person who has an absence of desire or lack of urgency, but understand that there are no age restrictions when success comes knocking. You may have a few more aches and pains, but hopefully you will want to burn out and not rust out.

So in summary, your age doesn't matter to anyone except you and the reflective glass. Whether you are a spring chicken or an old rooster stop creating a smoke screen which blanks out your hopes and dreams.

The bottom line is this, you can break out of the box now and scale new heights in your life, starting today. So there are absolutely no excuses, that you can offer that are valid. If Anne Frank, Stevie Wonder and many others can do it, so can you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey