Maintain A Winning Attitude

Is It Essential To Maintain A Winning Attitude?

If you want to have exceptional results in your MLM or similar, then you are going to have to develop a fearless attitude, a winning mentality and maintain a winning attitude.maintain a winning attitude

So let us begin by covering the negative here, only so that we understand it and not dwell on it. We find out about the negative, learn from the experience and move on upwards.

So what are some of the qualities of a loser, someone with a poor person’s attitude?

The first thing you notice about a loser is that his or her attitude stinks and they expect to lose.

Are You A Loser? Do You Have A Poor Attitude?

What self defeating monkey chatter to you allow to seep into your mind on a daily basis? We all have to take a look in that mirror, mirror on the wall and look ourselves in the face and be brutally honest.

So What Do Losers Do Extremely Well?

A loser will never accept full responsibility for their performance, action and results.

A loser will spend most of their time focused on the bad side of life.

A loser is always looking to blame others

A loser looks around for a plausible excuse, so they don’t look that bad.

A loser whines and gripes about practically everything

My point is this how is a person supposed to maintain a winning attitude if they allow this garbage to enter their thought patterns and everyday living?

Everything mentioned above we have participated at some stage in our lives. The key for all of us is to eliminate the above list, period.

So What Should We Be Focusing On?

1. Developing a winning attitude. Spending as much time around winners as possible and finding out what they do and how they act. It Is Essential To Maintain A Winning Attitude

2. Becoming a thorough professional in all that you do, but at the same time never losing that initial passion, love, ‘ignorance on fire’ and that childlike enthusiasm.

3. Brainstorming and masterminding with those who are already successful. But pick your associates wisely my friend.

4. Developing the skills of persistence, tenacity and determination, never giving up. Become totally fearless, unstoppable and have a commitment to completion.

5. Adopting the attitude of expectation. I expect to be success. I expect to win. Expect nothing less than success.

6. Learn the art of practice/training, so that what you do on a day to day basis becomes second nature and the transition from newbie to proficient becomes a very smooth process.

7. Adopt the correct posture and be business-like, but at the same time be approachable. Do not be afraid to take your business opportunity away from someone who doesn’t qualify. Never beg anyone to join your opportunity. Do not suffer fools gladly, because they will rip the heart out of you and suck the energy from you if you allow it.

8. Never forget that at the end of the day it is the implementation of a smart and massive action plan that matters most. Never put off or delay the action point. Income producing activities come first, as long as you have a winner’s attitude.

9. Becoming meticulous at planning is crucial as well.

Here is a quick story.

I was manager of a soccer team and we finished second in the league.

The team that won the league deserved it because they remained unbeaten throughout the whole season. There were two divisions and the top two from each division met each other to decide who was best overall in London.

So guess what we won our first match and now we were facing the team that beat us to first place. Now I wanted to win this game and I knew we could. I am tactician by nature and I saw weaknesses in this team that we were playing.

So before the game I worked out a game plan and gave the team-specific instructions to carry out. My parting comment to the team before the game was, ‘If you follow the game plan to the letter you come in at halftime winning 5-0.

They followed the plan to the letter and came in at halftime winning 5-0. The team couldn’t believe that we had just taken apart this team. We went on to win 7-1 by the way and lift the cup. Is planning vital, you bet it is, as long as action follows.

Flexibility, learning to roll with the punches and the ability to keep dragging yourself up from the floor.

I love this quote (I think it is from Rocky)

“It ain’t about how hard you get hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward

10. Respect your precious time and treat each hour you spend in your business as worth $1000 per hour. Then you might be more productive in the time you set aside.

In Summary

Do all that you can to maintain a winning attitude and end up where you want to be in life. It isn’t easy but it is worth it.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey