It Is Easy To Lose Your Vision

So Is It Easy To Lose Your Vision In Network Marketing?

To lose your vision in the network marketing industry is a complete disaster, very costly and definitely avoidable. What I find is that the majority of people lose their way very easily and quit much too quickly. But WHY is this the case?

If people lose their vision, it normally means that they were never really committed to achieve their goal or dream in the first place OR they were just too weak to see things through to completion. Unfortunately the latter is far to common to be a coincidence.

Why Does A Person Lose Their Vision?

There are many reasons why a new person or a seasoned campaigner might lose their vision, but I think the biggest threat to anyone's business is themselves, coupled together with a weak reason for building it in the first place. So my question to you is, "why did you get into your business opportunity?" lose your vision

Those people with a compelling and strong reason or reasons, tend to stay around, grow and thrive. But those people with flimsy or shallow goals, those who show a lack of tenacity and individuals of a transient nature, come into an opportunity, play with it, then leave, sometimes bad mouthing the business on the way out.

What Can You Do About This Loss Of Vision?

Actually not very much at all. You have to accept when they lose their vision as just one of those things. Just say, "I am going to the top, are you coming with me?"

All you can do is lead by example, love them, tell them they will be left behind, move on and shout NEXT! Just concentrate on your vision, dreams, goals and ambition.

It is not your job to motivate someone because it is an inside job. You can support, lead, encourage and promote, but their dream is their challenge, not yours.

In Summary

There is one area that may just have some kind of effect and that is prospecting. What I would suggest is becoming a professional interviewer and sorter. Learn how to properly qualify your prospective partners, so you only bring the right people, with the right vibes. 

Do not be afraid to cut people and get rid of them, before you expose them to your business opportunity. If they are too sceptical and too much like hard work, because they will always be like that. They will drag you down to their level and suck the life blood and energy from you rapidly.

There is nothing worse then seeing someone who was on fire, lose their vision and fade into obscurity. Make sure you aim for the best, you know, people who have great energy, enthusiasm, desire and people who have achieved things in the past. But be prepared for disappointments along the way. Not everyone is going to join you and not everyone is going to stay. That is the way of life in network marketing, so accept it and move on. Let's hope you don't lose your vision along the way.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Lose your vision