You Must Never Lose Momentum

Why Is It Easy To Lose Momentum In Network Marketing?

I find it so easy to goof off and lose momentum whilst I am building my network marketing business. How do you feel about that? Am I on my own or in the majority?

I suspect that I may well be amongst the vast majority there. What about you? So how would you or how do you overcome this constant challenge?

You hear people talking about being persistent and consistent but how many actually achieve this? I wonder.lose momentum

Recently I got back into talking to prospective partners on the telephone again. At first, I was rusty, but after about 20 telephone calls my confidence and ability to converse properly with people was restored. Basically, I was screening people or it could be classed as pre-qualifying them for a business opportunity. Then I would be handing them off to my business partner to supply the information and get their questions answered.

I became very proficient, very rapidly/ Well to be fair it wasn’t if I hadn’t done this before a few years ago. At first, I not only conducted the first conversation, but I attempted to take on the other stages of the process and for me, at that stage, it wasn’t working. The first part was great, but I was losing the plot somewhat when moving on to the next phase. 

This was happening or two reasons. 1) Because over the last couple of years I had lost all momentum and 2) Lack of confidence and not feeling comfortable with what to say. 

The result was great phase one and a crappy phase two. So I spoke to my business partner and we changed things up, so all I did was phase one only. This was simple and is now working well. 

The key is to stay in motion, keep on the move, remain in rhythm and allow the momentum to flow. If you depart from what you know and are used to, your craft will diminish. Rustiness will seep into the cracks and the skills you once had, will become a distant memory.

The bottom line is this. If you have a skill set, use it regularly or you will lose it. Whether that is permanently or not, remains to be seen. I think it depends on what the skill is and how long the time gap is, between use. Keep practicing as much as you can.

Even athletes do not stay in peak shape all the time, they build up to events, but the top ones know you must remain in a maintenance phase at the very least or when you want to train for the big one, it is better to come from some training, rather from ground zero.

So it is extremely easy to let it all go and lose momentum in anything and network marketing is no different in this respect. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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