It Is All About Decisions And Actions Isn’t It?

Your Decisions And Actions Will Dictate Your Success

Leadership and being successful in the home business industry really are all about the decisions and actions you take. The ability to decide rapidly and act immediately is expected from the enlightened and ambitious entrepreneur, in this day and age.

So many people dither when making decisions generally and this is a poor habit to adopt, if successes, achievements and ambitions are to be enjoyed.

I find that when I decide and act quickly, I am usually very effective at what i am doing. Obviously the effectiveness of fast decision making is not set in stone and there are no guarantees, but the world does appear to get out of the way for people who know what they want.

decisions and actionsOn the occasions I delay a decision or fail to act decisively I definitely seem to pay the price for my lack of efficiency in this area.

I think your decisions and actions and the inevitable results that follow, will define you as a top leader or not, depending on the quality and quickness of your decision making ability that you employ.

When you decide and act, whether slowly or fast, you will make mistakes and take the wrong route on occasions and you have to except that fact.

However if you have made decisions and taken actions promptly, then you will know if you have taken the correct or incorrect path much faster. Then you can make the necessary adjustments to get you back on track, with little or no delay at all.

There are going to be occasions where decisions cannot be taken lightly and do actually require some intense thought before the final decision is initiated, as in the case of something like whether someone should face the death penalty or not, but for the entrepreneur this probably will not be the case with most selections that they have to make.

We are really talking about a mindset shift here and speed will not necessarily fit all decisions and actions. But on the vast majority of occasions, fast will be more preferable to slow.

Here is an example of making decisions and taking actions quickly that emphasize what I mean. 

I was at a Masters Training Series in Reno Nevada last week and to prove that procrastination really is ineffective as a general rule of thumb, the leader picked two people from the audience. 

Person 1 was told to delay the action point and keep asking questions. Person 2 was told to go and find two people who wanted to make money. 

Person 1 kept asking questions and got nowhere, because he or she was either sceptical or ineffective. Person 2 was prepared to listen, learn and follow simple instructions. 

Person 1 had no team, while person 2 had a massive team, both had the same opportunity, talent, and abilities, but one was a star and the other thought too much. Person 1 was unsuccessful and person 2 was an outstanding superstar.

The moral of the story was that your success or lack of success will revolve around the decisions and actions you take, period. Don’t talk just do.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey