Is Your Philosophy Of Poverty Working Effectively

Your Philosophy Of Poverty Affects Your Wealth

No I am not referring to a Marxist theory, book or a set political ideals here. When I use the phrase, "philosophy of poverty," I am talking about your mindset when you begin a home business.

Yes I was being funny when I said, "Is your philosophy of poverty working effectively." But I wanted to make a point here and say that the vast majority of people are defeated before they get started by adopting the attitude that they will never be a success.

So let us look at a common scenario here. You are contacted in some way by a friend, colleague or acquaintance. After a conversation it probably is established that you may be searching for something, for an example extra income.

You attend a business opportunity presentation, either on the internet or at a live meeting, get excited about your future possibilities and join an MLM or network marketing company.

philosophy of povertyThen you get either buyer's remorse or second thoughts because although the business looks hot, you start to talk yourself out of it by saying something like, "I am not sure I can do this." or you keep telling yourself that you can't do it. 

Your philosophy of poverty has really started to kick in now and when you talk face to face or on the phone with someone, you saying all the right things, but inside you are dying and know you will never make big money. Am I right or not? Has that philosophy of poverty started it's poison early?

There are a few people who adopt the correct posture and mindset from the beginning and very rarely waiver from their beliefs and the knowledge that they will be successful.

So where does that leave you? Well, understand that most people will feel like you do, so it is normal to think like that, we all do or have at some stage. 

The difference in your success is deciding whether you stay with your current philosophy of poverty or learn to move towards a philosophy of wealth.  

One of the best ways to move in the right direction from poor to a rich mentally, is to look at cost versus value. Instead of asking, "How much does this cost?" ask yourself a quality question such as, "How much is this worth?"

When you can move from worrying about the cost of something to a mindset which looks at the value to yourself, then you are moving along the right route or path.

Now before you bite my head off here. I am not talking about spending a tremendous amount of money here, when you don't have it, but I will say that you should always make progressive decisions, based on value rather than cost. There are occasions where it is cheaper to borrow money, rather than miss out on an opportunity.

A philosophy of poverty would be to expect failure and a lack of money and success. Where a philosophy of wealth would totally change your views, your beliefs, your expectations and ultimately your results in the log run.

Bottom lone there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for someone to employ a philosophy of poverty. In fact I will not spend any time with such people. I expect to make money period, but do you?

In Conclusion

From day 1 of your new business decide that you will be a success and make money, it is that simple. Make a decision that you will become wealthy, whatever that means to you.

Are you going to have challenges ahead, hurdles to leap over, hoops to jump through and problems to solve, you bet, but understand that overcoming these trials and tribulations is what makes the difference between winning or losing, being poor or being wealthy.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey