Is Your Back Against The Wall?

Well, Is Your Back Against The Wall?

Most people are too proud to admit that they are back against the wall and that they are broke and feel washed up.. 

First of all it happens to thousands of people and you should never be ashamed or feel bad about having your back against the wall or finding yourself in the mire.

The key here is rapid action to drag yourself out of the swamp, not developing a web of deceit and subterfuge, in order that you can delay the inevitable and then when you are ready to wave the white flag, you are totally screwed, both financially and mentally. 

I say stuff pride I want to eat.

back against the wallSo what do people do when their back is against the wall? They lie, mislead and hide the true facts, not only from themselves but their friends and family as well. Would you believe that some people actually deceive their partner or significant other.

Come on most people have done this at some stage, but ask yourself, 'Is this best serving my situation?' 

I bet the answer is a big fat NO.

So here is a 5 point plan to get you back on the right track. It demands courage and guts. Can you do it? Yes you can. Will you do it? Who knows.

1. Look in the mirror and have a heart to heart with yourself. Tell it like it is, be honest and then tell yourself that this is the day that is going turn your life around starting immediately.

Now don't be like Lord Farquaad in the film SHREK, who doesn't like the answer he gets from the mirror and has one of his henchmen smash it.

2. Find strategic people to talk to about your situation and start with your significant other,

You must ensure that who ever it is that you talk to, must back you up 100%. This is not only important for future results, but for the psyche and your mental well being as well.

Surround yourself with people who are on the same wavelength. People who lift your spirits and are moving in the right direction.


You have to overcome embarrassment quickly and move on. The end result, the outcome is far more critical than your short term feelings and dented pride.

Embarrassment is going to your Mum, (who is in her eighties) and your daughter (who is in her thirties) to borrow money. Yes I have been there, albeit temporarily.


Being in full uniform as a London Bobby at age 19 and walking into a lamppost, whilst watching someone else. Come on guys we have all been there.


Getting on the wrong train at Euston station in London (recently) and finding myself 100 miles past my destination. 

Are you starting to feel a bit better about things?

So back to the list.

3. Jettison the baggage and move on NOW. Do not live in the past with your many mistakes. Learn from the past and just laugh. Decide what it is that you want and go full steam ahead.

4. Never talk about your problem ever again. You have identified and accepted the problem, talked about it and now you are on the right road. So never ever talk about the problem again, only the solution(s).

5. Learn to have fun, smile, laugh and be fantastic to be around again. 

Is it going to be a piece of cake and tremendously easy, probably not. But it is your attitude to everything that will make the difference moving forward.

To your success

Paul Bursey 


Back against the wall.