Is The Average Wage UK Enough?

I think it depends what industry or sport you are discussing or happen to be involved in. For instance, if you are a premiership footballer in the UK, then the average wage is going to be completely inflated, appear out of proportion and out of the reach of most people.average wage uk

It is not always the wage that is the problem. It is dependent on a lot of other things, such as living costs, which people have to pay out, such as mortgage, rent, utilities and food. Personally I could not and would not want to survive on the average wage in the UK, but I know that a tremendous amount of people already do that.

There are also a very large group of people who survive on a weekly or monthly wage,which falls far short of the national average. Then we have the poorest members of the society who are either on the dole or extremely poorly paid. How do all of these people survive? I can honestly say I have no idea, but they do.

I think that the important issues here are education and philosophy. In other words, can I as an individual do something about my own personal situation and the answer is always that you can, if you are willing to learn a new skill or increase your knowledge. You could do this by taking a degree, college course or going to the library and studying a specific subject that you could use at a later date to increase your earning potential.

So is the average wage UK sufficient for everybody’s needs? Everybody is a unique individual and they will run their life how they see fit to do so. However, as individuals, we have the choice, the right and the chances to change our situation if we choose. Now some people can survive on a hundred pound a week and others cannot get by earning a thousand pound a week.

What is the answer to the ongoing challenge of wages? I think the critical key or component here is the attitude of the person. Attitude is a vital part of an individual’s life and the decisions that they make. Every man and woman can choose to work harder or not, do overtime or not, have one job or two, but in the end it is down to things like pride, desire and necessity.

Well there must be something else people can do to supplement their income or at a later date give up that job. For those people who either refuse or find that they do not want to further their education, there is always a solution. Whether they decide to take action is another matter though.

People could consider starting a traditional business or a franchise, but maybe the risks and the money involved probably would discourage or disqualify them, so what is left. The solution may be to consider some form of home business, that requires only a small start-up cost.

So, Is The Average Wage UK Enough? I will let each individual person answer that question for him or herself.. What I can say is that if you have a progressive mind and you are open to the possibility that there are legitimate ways of making money out in the world, then the world is your oyster. Just make sure that you do not let your ambitions be guided by what you have earned in the past as this will restrict your thinking moving forward.

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