Short Term Goal Setting

So Is Short Term Goal Setting Important For You?

Well, long-term goal setting is vital, because this would be your outcome or ultimate goal. You know, where you want to be in 1, 5 or 10 years from now. The long-term dream will keep you going, but it will be the short-term goal setting that makes it all real and bring things clearly and distinctly into focus.

But short-term goals are the things that keep you going and create daily, weekly and monthly interest. Short term goals will keep you active and it is the short steps, challenges, hurdles or obstacles that will link to the big goals up.

short term goal settingSometimes it is hard to keep the main goal in focus and you need these short-term goals to keep laser focused and right on track.

An example may be if you are running for example. When I was training for the London Marathon I trained on many routes, but one thing I did was use many landmarks as small goals so that in the end my main goal was achieved.

The things I used were road signs, pubs, billboards, traffic signals and so on. I would use these especially when I didn’t fancy running, but knew I had to. I would say to myself if I can just reach the next street light or the next bus stop, I will be ok.

It is the same for anything else as well. You keep taking these baby steps and in the end, you arrive at your goal.

So do not play down the importance of taking short strides to arrive at your destination. I know that frustration and impatience affect how you feel, but you need to realize that the people who win in life are in for the long haul.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey