Is Confidence Enough? It Could Be

Is Confidence Enough. You Might Want To Pick Up Some Skills On Your Journey

I personally believe that it is more than just confidence. You can be confident and obnoxious, so what is the key here then, because I do not lack confidence.

It is more about attitude than anything else and what do I mean by that. Yes, you have to be confident but with the right heart and intentions. You have to be really nice, natural and care about people.

is confidence enough

We have all seen entrepreneurs who you would not want to be around and believe me they are confident. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that people want to be around them.

Ok, I am listening, so what else do you have to have or be then? You have to be, not only knowledgeable about your business or subject, but you have to portray a relaxed confidence. In other words totally chilled out and just nice to be around.

Relaxed confidence is all the key to attraction marketing. You have to be attractive to the potential partner or customer. So not only do you have to provide what the person is looking for, you must treat people with respect and show them that you are a person to be trusted and an authority in your genre.

So is confidence enough, probably not. Always go for the relaxed confidence, because this will draw people towards you in droves. Relaxed confidence is a big part of charisma and the person who has this sends a message out to people that they are a good person and worth listening to and hanging around with.

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Paul Bursey


Is confidence enough?