Accurate Information Vital In MLM

Accurate Information Is Imperative

I personally believe that the provision of accurate information is a crucial responsibility of a MLM company. WHY?

Well first of all a lot of these MLM companies are global and there are different rules, regulations and laws that govern each individual country. So they will need to keep their finger on the pulse and update accordingly. 

To make sure I do not confuse anyone here. I will refer to nutritional products, but the same principles would relate to any product range, but it does seem to be the case that these types of products are probably more affected than most.

accurate informationThe packaging of a nutritional product in the US will be different from Germany as an example. The US authorities will require certain facts and figures to be displayed on the side of the cannister or box.

Now when this company produces the cannister or box for Germany, some of the same information will be on the box, but the Germans might require separate information to be added. 

The point I am making is that the company supplying the nutritional data, should be providing accurate information.

Now I know that most companies in the MLM industry are started in the US and they want to expand abroad, when the time is right.

But if they are going to become a thriving worldwide company, then they must shed this US only. mentality.

Let me explain what I mean by this comment. I have to be careful not to name any particular company here, as my aim is pure and I am not going to attack or criticise anyone, just to make a point, that is all.

Some companies have Doctors that provide support and information to the distributor force and that is fantastic as long as they stay medically independent. 

If those same Doctors are going to provide information for a global company, then the information must be global as well and not confined to research completed just in the US.

If a global  MLM company stands up and makes statements, then they had better have done their homework or the effects could be devastating in many areas, such as the distributor force, the company itself, the brand name, but more importantly the customer base.

So a message to all MLM companies in the MLM industry. Ensure that the information you supply to the world is accurate information for everyone and not just the US.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey