You Must Be Intentional And Relentless In Order To Win

Intentional And Relentless. The Abilities of Determination and Definiteness Are Critical

Just think about this for a moment and then ask your self this question. “Are you intentional and relentless in the pursuit of your dream or goal?”

First of all, I personally believe you must to be very serious about your business, if you are to be successful. Too many people coast along and do not treat a home business as a business. It is imperative that you are really intense about this one particular subject, building your business as fast as you possibly can.intentional and relentless

It is critical that you understand this from day 1 of your new endeavor and just get plain serious. Now don’t get me wrong here I am not saying don’t enjoy yourself because having fun is a big part of things, but what I am saying is that you treat your business as if you have invested a million pounds into it and treat it with respect.

The other side of this has to do with acting with intention and being relentless when chasing your goals. I suppose it is a bit like the Canadian Mountie who never gives up until he has got his man or a brown bear staying in the tree until he has bitten off the large branch with the cluster of berries that he requires for his meal. Both are totally laser-focused on what they are doing and keep going regardless.

So what about you, do you have some fighting spirit in you? I hope so because you are going to need it in the coming months if you are to survive in the current financial climate. Keep going until you get to the summit, the top of that mountain. It is very exhilarating.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Intentional and relentless.