Intention Precision And Quality

Intention, Precision And Quality Are Required

There are many qualities or traits required by individuals who want to achieve their dreams, fulfill ambitions and reach their goals. So why talk about intention precision and quality? These components are crucial when building a large organization in the network marketing profession.

Does it mean that people or groups won’t make mistakes? Of course not. Human errors are a part of life and they will continue to occur. Also remember that everyone needs to learn from things that happen along the journey for both teams and promoters.intention-precision-and-quality

Why Are Intentions Vital?

As we have previously mentioned, making a mistake or mistakes is a part of life. We all need to experience the feelings of getting it wrong and or losing. But intentions are a completely separate animal.

If you intend to do something, it gives the impression that you are serious and will take the necessary actions to climb the proverbial ladder of challenges or success.

“Intentions are a course of action that one intends to follow. An aim that guides action, an objective.” Intention

“Intentional behavior can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness.”

Intentions represent who you are as a person or they can relate to an organization’s mission statement. Intentions are deliberate and cannot be confused with errors or any misunderstandings. Intention precision and quality.

So what about you. What are your intentions? Are you just a talker (and yes I have been there) or are you a person who is an action taker and actually going to do it?

Is Precision Something That Network Marketers Should Aim At?

I personally believe that being precise is essential in both goal setting and goal reaching.  It is about being exact and and using accuracy to guide your massive actions. 

Precision has been at the centre of any achievement that I have been involved in. Not only in the home business arena, but soccer and athletics as well. Precision forms a large part of consistency and helps to keep a person focused.

I think that if you take a close look at some of the successes you have had previously, you will find that precision has played an big part in your win.

Watch an archer firing an arrow at a target or someone like Tiger Woods, attempting to hit a hole in one. Being precise is extremely high up on their agenda.

A network marketer must be precise in their intentions and goal setting. But at the same time allow a degree of flexibility to permeate through their teams to ensure people can accept when things go wrong and be able to get back on course as quickly as possible. Remember intention precision and quality.

Is Quality Necessary And Decisive?

Whatever you undertake in life or business, quality should be aimed for in everything that you do or attempt. Why would you or any team want to be involved in any business or sports team that didn’t espouse quality?

A network marketer should make quality their best friend. This would relate to the type of business they should choose and the products they should market.

In network marketing it is critical to surround yourself with leaders that ouse quality, in every aspect. Don’t accept anything less than the best available. 

I will not waste my time with any mentor, teacher or leader who doesn’t make quality their number one attribute, part of their character and ensures that quality becomes second nature to their whole being.

In Summary 

It is crucial that any network marketer shows powerful precise intentions, but is also prepared for excellence in every department. Leaders should never compromise with quality and must then turn those wonderful intentions into actionable plans and then into some outstanding and remarkable results. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Intention precision and quality