If It Feels Wrong, Then Trust Your Gut

If It Feels Wrong Then Don’t Do It

I think that when you are presented with an opportunity you know almost immediately if it is for you or not, generally. Would you agree with that? If it feels wrong, then don’t do it. Do you feel that this may be sound advice? You should always trust your instinct.

You know what I am talking about really don’t you? You get that gut feeling that either all is not as it should be or it just doesn’t sit well with you as an individual. if-it-feels-wrong

How many of you use this sixth sense or instinct when making decisions, e.g not walking down a particular street at the wrong time of day. Do you take care and pay attention to important things?

If something actually gnaws away inside of you, there is normally a good reason for this. Now you can use your experience, intuition and common sense to your advantage wherever you find yourself or in any situation, but let’s talk about becoming involved in MLM or network marketing here.

How Many Deals Or Opportunities Have You Been Involved In?

How have they worked out for you. For most people I suggest that they are no longer in that business opportunity, unless they just love the product(s).

If you are anything like me, then you have been in quite a few and to be fair I have enjoyed most of them for various reasons, but is that good enough for you or me? I don’t believe so.

Personally in hindsight (it’s a wonderful thing) I would have not joined as many opportunities as I did, if I had known everything that was needed to be known prior to joining. It wasn’t that they were bad opportunities, it was just that I should have done some more research, due diligence or investigation before becoming involved.

Now that does not mean procrastinating and or making excuses. That means completing your research within 48 hours, but investing 2 or 3 hours minimum, instead of the 10 to 20 minutes, as most people actually do. 

Do You Grade Opportunities Offered To You

How would a person grade let’s say a career or business opportunity?

STEP 1: Well as I mentioned before you should undertake a few hours research first and really put it through it’s paces. As an example I remember being involved in a business that had the best product on the market, but their marketing and training absolutely sucked.

STEP 2: So get a piece of paper and write down the PROS and CONS relating to that specific opportunity. 

STEP 3: Speak to a top leader or leaders to find out as much as you can, about things such as the initial cost, any upgrades and monthly costs. 

In Summary

You work hard for your cash and your time is unbelievably valuable to you, so be wise and take some time to find the best opportunity for you. 

You must also answer three vital questions:-

A: Can I find someone who is extremely successful within that business.

B: Is it simple, duplicatable and can they show me how they did it?

C: Are they willing to work alongside me, train and coach me?

There are many so called leaders out there who are quite happy to sign people up, take their money and basically say if you want it bad enough you will find a way. 

YES we all want people to be independent as quickly as possible, but remember we all work at different speed and pace, not every is the same. We are all unique. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

If it feels wrong