Inject Some Pizzazz

So Why Don’t You Inject Some Pizzazz Into Your Network Marketing Business?

I think some people in network marketing are missing the point and should spend a bit of time making the whole business a fun place to be and ensuring that they inject some pizzazz or dazzling style into their daily life and business. 

You only get to live this life once, so why would you want to be around a group of boring people. Pizzazz is described as vigorous spirit, energy and excitement. Wouldn’t you want to be around some of that?

Now I know there are some essential things that need to take place in a network marketing organization, such as implementing simple systems to ensure success and encouraging depth and duplication, but no-one ever said that you couldn’t party as well. I say play hard and work hard. 

The whole key is implementing office or working hours, a schedule and a successful system or a method of operation, but when the bell sounds or rings, switch off and party or in the case of most of us, we concentrate on the family, partner or friends.inject some pizzazz

Be effective, powerful and professional, but learn to let your hair down, if you have any, and enjoy life, however you do that. What do they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  and they are right 100%.

The amount of vitality and sparkle you add to your business will make everything worthwhile. Yes you want wealth and success, but don’t forget to introduce or  inject some pizzazz, glamour and flair into the whole equation.

They say that the level of activity or pizzazz declines as you get older. I say that depends on how you view life and I would rather burn out than rust out.

It is all about developing a great work-life balance and adding in some outrageous enjoyment or my new word for the week, pizzazz. So have you got the activeness of an energetic personality, are you moving energetically and being highly active in the enjoyment field? I hope so for your sake and I want to see you network marketers chilling out in style.

Well it is July 4th, your independence day and you should be having a whale of a time, well those in the USA. For us others we will have a quiet day and make money whilst you are partying.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Inject some pizzazz.