Indifference Is Alarming

Indifference: What Are The Diseases Of Attitude?

Indifference, a shrug of the shoulders, the person is just not concerned and he lets things slide. The same person who takes the mild approach to life.

To be a winner you have to got to get worked up or as Tony Robbins calls it, getting disturbed.indifference is alarming

There is one problem with drift. You cannot drift to the top of the mountain.

Just pick a direction and go with it with everything that you have. But what if I pick the wrong direction. This way you will find out much quicker.

As Jim Rohn says, “we all do better by one of two ways, either INSIRATION or DESPERATION.”

The best quality that you can work on is STRONG FEELING.

Learn to put everything you’ve got into everything you do. If you’re not putting everything you’ve got into everything you do maybe it’s not worth it. It must have so little of your attention, so throw it out.

Why bother even starting. Most people are just not committed and that is a fact. They couldn’t even inspire a mouse to eat cheese. So if you are going to do it. GO ALL OUT. No, GO FULL OUT.

As I heard someone say I would much rather burnt out than rust out.

Shake indifference off and go full blast.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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