Indecision Will Cost You Dearly

Indecision: What Are The Diseases Of Attitude ? PART II

Indecision is useless in entrepreneurship. If you want to be an entrepreneur, one of the things that you have to grasp is the concept of making decisions quickly and changing them slowly, if at all.indecision

People who don’t win in the game of life that make decisions slowly and change them very quickly, hopping from one opportunity to another and never ever finishing anything of any worthwhile note.

This indecision is sometimes called ‘mental paralysis’ and believe me it is a deadly disease. Alife full of adventure is a life full of many decisions.

Don’t see how many decisions you can get out of. See how many decisions you can get into, that’s where the adventure is. Jim Rohn REMEMBER THIS QUOTE A LIFE FULL OF ADVENTURE IS A LIFE FULL OF MANY DECISIONS

Please don’t wimp out of making decisions, it is pitiful. Be brave, be courageous and strikeout. It’s more exciting and exhilarating when you make a fast decision and take action right away.

If you have made the wrong decision you will find out very quickly anyway.

In my life the ability to make a decision and fast has been one of my biggest assets. I was a police detective and loved being on the street, toe to toe and face to face with the criminal or rioter. There were many occasions, in fact, I would say 99% of the time when I made a fast decision it worked.

Remember it doesn’t work always, but I would rather take the vast majority over the small minority every time. One example: I was out of uniform and working in plain clothes. We chased a professional shoplifter in a crowded market area, which you know can be both treacherous and a confusing maze. However, the natural thing is to run in the direction the criminal goes. I made a quick decision to go in a different direction and guess who came running towards me? The result was: criminal exhausted, police officer fresh as a daisy. Yes, he gave himself up, mainly because I was laughing and he had to. The decision maker normally wins.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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