Indecision Is Insipid

Persistence: The Essential Factor In Success: Part V

So the number 4 symptom of a lack of persistence is Indecision, making excuses and passing the buck Oh this is a big one, isn’t it.

How many times have you made an excuse which was either a lie or at best, you were misleading yourself or someone else. I always say ‘Make Excuses or Make Money.’

Do you know someone who has passed the buck, or basically let someone else take the blame. Also that would cover saying things like, ‘It’s not my responsibly . ‘It’s not down to me.’ ¬†Does this ring a bell.?indecision

I have always believed in assuming full responsibility for my actions when performing my duties as a police officer/detective or building home businesses. I made decisions quickly and worried about it later.

Now does that mean that I haven’t made excuses, no it doesn’t, but I have taken responsibility for my actions, most of the time. I am not normally an indecisive type of ¬†person who gets paralysed in the area of making decisions.

There have been occasions but normally I am quick to make decisions and slow to change those decisions. How about you, what are you like when it comes to making decisions? If you want to be successful at anything you will need to adopt habit of decision making.

But understand that decisions cause things like war. Take the American War of Independence, the American and English civil wars. These wars and most others are started because a group of people make a decision that they are willing to stand by, no matter what the cost.

It sort of puts our decisions into perspective doesn’t it. Yes, there are decisions that you will have to make that may well have a tremendous impact on yourself or other people around you but they have to be taken, don’t they.

Whatever you do in the future learn the arts of decision making and taking full responsibility.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Indecision is insipid.