Indecision Doubt Fear The Terrible Triplets

Are You Crippled By Indecision Doubt Fear?

Do you have a problem with this nasty trio of enemies, indecision, doubt and fear?

This is just a short blog entry to make you think about all three of these horrible traits, which  will definitely ace your future if you let them. Now it seems that most people do succumb to this way of life quite regularly. What about you? Sometimes? Never? Always?indecision fear doubt

Firstly you have to make decisions in your life. Now hopefully you make them swiftly and move in a specific direction. Is the decision right? How will I know? Well if you make decisions quickly you will probably be a person of action and someone who gets results. If you go in the wrong direction, which will happen, then you will find out much faster.

But, please just make a decision and go with it. If you fail to make decisions then you move towards those other areas of doubt and fear. Some people doubt anything and everything, not ever taking a gamble or risk. How boring is that in the game of life. remember you are only here once and life is not a practice run. 

It is the real thing the first time around. We all doubt things occasionally, that is human, but don’t let doubt take over. Be brave and trust your own decisions and yourself. All three of these losing traits are interlinked. Where you find one, you will probably find all three.

For an example you are offered a fantastic income opportunity, but you cannot seem to make a decision whether or not to get involved. You think it is great but you doubt that you can do it. I have some news for you, whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right on both counts.

So now you are undecided, indecision has crept in, you doubt your own abilities and now the big one has arrived. FEAR!!! Fear of failure or fear of the unknown. There are many fears that we have to face in our lives. FACE THEM HEAD ON.

I remember when I was in Wales and we were rock climbing for the first time (1973), I was 18 and we were told that we were to abseil down a rock face.  Initially I was ok with it until I was standing on top of the rock face facing backwards. Now one rope is kept tight around your waste and the other you control to let yourself move at your pace.

Now the problem is I had a fear of falling, not a fear of heights, which is different. When you start to abseil you have to do something which is completely alien and that is lean backwards at a 45 degree angle. That is the part that really got to me and suddenly I was extremely frightened as many people have been in the past.

Now I did it and eased myself down the rock face painfully slowly, sometimes crashing into the face when i didn’t keep my body at the right angle. I reached the bottom and do you know what happened then. I couldn’t wait to get back up again. I found that I had conquered my fear of falling in relation to abseiling. Because I knew with certainty that I was completely secure on the descent.

So within 10 minutes  I went from very frightened to loving it and wanting lots more. From then on I couldn’t wait to abseil. My last abseil was in 1988 down from the roof of the Tower Hotel, near Tower Bridge in London.

The key here is I made a decision even though clearly needing a change of underwear. I had extreme doubts and a lots of fear, but I actually conquered all three of these traits, indecision, doubt and fear within a few minutes and for a lifetime.

So the questions I am going to ask you is these.

Have you been putting off important decisions all of your life?

Are you crippled by indecision?

Do you have major doubts about yourself or a particular project?

Do you have a specific fear that you want to overcome?

Action will always dispel these gigantic monster problems but only if you accept that fear is :-


Act as if your success is for certain.

Act like you have complete faith.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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