Improve Your Work Ethic If You Want To Win

You Must Improve Your Work Ethic

This article is all about hard work and if grafting is not a part of your nature, then I would strongly suggest not reading any further, unless you are looking to up your game plan, put in more hours and take your business to a new level. Improve your work ethic today.

You know sometimes there is absolutely no substitute for working the numbers and putting in the hours. The trouble is though that some people want things handed to them on a plate, without the use of sweat equity first.

I think that any successful person will tell you that you have to be prepared for some kind of labour on a consistent basis, so that you are able to achieve your goal(s). Without the necessary or required work, your outcome(s) will never be reached. It’s critical that you improve your work ethic.

How Hard Do Network Marketers Really Work?

Well I think the real question is, “How hard do you work?” When you can answer that question to your satisfaction, then you will be in the right place mentally and you will start seeing some outstanding results.

If the truth were known, you would find that every associate, distributor or network marketer would fall into certain groups or categories.improve-your-work-ethic

The elite few go all out, fire on all cylinders and do whatever it takes to get the job done and more. Then there is that next group who look like they are hitting it hard, but in reality they are only really using 60 to 75% of their fuel, thereby keeping some back, because they are afraid of running on an empty tank.

The truth is that you never run out of passion, excitement, enthusiasm and tenacity, as long as you are blasting along at full speed. It is the people who don’t give it everything they have, that really are in trouble. Momentum is everything.

There Are Always Going To be Network Marketers Who Drag Their Feet

Look you will always have network marketers who do very little or nothing. That is just the way it is, you will never change them, so don’t try.

But there is another group of distributors that hover around the 25 to 30% mark, they are the ones who produce very little. They are basically inconsistent and just make up the numbers.

With a little more effort they could move themselves, either to the middle of the road group or the ones who are 75% of the way there, but they probably won’t.

If you think of a pyramid split into four sections 1) The top 10% 2) 61 to 90% 3) 31 to 60% and 4) 0 to 30%. Which section would you fall into?

Whatever group you find yourself in is okay for you. No-one is going to criticize you, as long as you are happy. But never moan, complain or attack others about your lack of success and then try and put the blame on someone else.

In Summary

You can join any one of these four groups, can’t you. The top 10% group is an exclusive place to be, but it is not off limits to you, but you must pick up the ball and run with it persistently and on purpose. If you want to elevate yourself to the pinnacle of achievement, it is going to take some work on your part.

Initially your results and income will be aligned with your attitude, mindset, expectations, work ethic and action. You always have the choice whether to upgrade or not.

I know that you can move progressively forward at any time if you really want to. You can do this starting today if your WHY is big enough. If you need help then speak to someone who has already got there.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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