Impossible Versus Possible

Impossible, Possible, Probable Or Definite?

In relation to your mindset, your business and how you see the world, which one of these words do you believe or use frequently, impossible, possible, probable or definite?impossible

What I would like to do is breakdown each one of these words individually and see where our thinking goes on this subject and also what words regularly. You are intelligent human beings and you can see where I am headed with this, well I hope you can. Hopefully I can do this from your perspective, so that you can visualize how these words can affect you.

This blog entry relates to a home business, network marketing or mlm, but you could adapt and use the information here for any project, goal or idea.

1. Impossible

So how do you feel about this word honestly. I absolutely hate this word, but we have to accept that sometimes things are impossible, but most things are possible. That is just a fact of life, however most people wallow in the mud with this word and apply it to all sorts of situations.

Basically they are cowards who do not even have the gumption to have a go at anything. But most things are possible though and we are too quick on occasions to dismiss things out of hand as not being possible to complete or unable to finish or similar.

Some people use the term impossible when they are told something. I think it all depends on how open minded you are. Others start a business or task and half way through might say, ‘this is just impossible.’  It normally is more the case of, ‘I am unable to perform this assignment.’

So hopefully I have you thinking, ‘Well I know that impossible exists but I will do whatever it takes to get the job done.’  So for 99% of your thinking, bin this word unceremoniously and quickly. A definite thumbs down to these words impossible, impossibly and impossibility.

Do you ever catch yourself using those words? I bet you have done in the past. But more importantly have you spoken to a prospect about your business opportunity and had them say that they are sceptical or they think that it doesn’t work.

Those people would fall into the impossible category and I would usually give them ‘three strikes and their out.’ Impossible does not make you feel good and it does make you smile, that should be enough for anyone.

2. Possible

This sounds a bit better and moves us more towards achieving something of significance. Now we have something that can happen, rather than the impossible scenario. Ok, the smile might be coming back on your face a bit but if it was in relation to prospecting, you would have to be careful with a person who thought it may be possible.

They could easily find them selves in the impossible category or they could propel themselves into the next group. They probably need a slight shove to see if they class themselves as a possibility thinker. It is a judgement call with people who think it may be possible.

It could be that they really want something to work but they have never considered anything like this before and they are not sure if they can do it. So it could be a case of just showing them some more information and adding a bit of reassurance.

So again, you have to be careful here, because you are looking for eagles, aces and alphas, by all means be real nice but if you allow them into your business are you going to have to carry them. If that is the case then out they go, but it is your choice at the end of the day.

Personally I want to talk to free thinkers and people who are prepared to take a little bit of a risk. People who say, ‘I will possibly be there.’ do not normally show up, so please consider your very valuable time here.

3. Probable

When people use the word probably or probable they are nearly there aren’t they. But again you have to watch these people carefully, like the other two groups they could suck your energy and become a drain on your health. You should never chase anyone at any time.

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I will probably be there.’ I will guarantee that most of those will not show up. So, what does that tell you? Work with the winners only. Look at this way, get your self a pack of cards and fan them out. First of all we have the two jokers, who seem like nice people, but they give you a load of  BS or just lie to you and although you have a laugh with them, they waffle and you end up confused.

Look for people who know what they want. Then you have the twos up to the tens, these are the people who are just not interested in your opportunity, simple as. The picture cards are a bit more interesting, they flatter to deceive and they promise you that they are going to do something, but never do, they are just time wasters. So who are we really looking for? Move on to the last group below.

4. Definite

This is definitely the group I love to work with. These are the action takers the ACES. People that just get on with things and as Nike says, they ‘JUST DO IT’. Now, remember that there are only FOUR ACES in the pack, that is just the way it is.

Do not try and change this because you cannot. By all means treat everyone as a prospective partner but let everyone qualify or disqualify themselves. The cream rises to the top. Hopefully you are looking for these ACES. They will be the ones with great energy, commitment, integrity and previous achievements.

So look for the ones are DEFINITELY joining now, not next week, we can all say that. Expect these ACES to join. Ask ACE questions, like, ‘If I had a group of 6 people, why would I choose you, instead of the others?’ Tell them you expect the best and only work with the best. Ask them what they have achieved in the past, this is always a good indicator of their intentions.

So hopefully you agree with me now that you are only going to work with focused and driven people. THE ALPHAS Good luck!!!

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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