Perfect Conditions Probably Don’t Exist

Do You Wait For The Perfect Conditions Before You Act?

We all wait for perfect conditions on occasions, but some people just never get going, do they? Now I am referring to network marketing, but it is the same for anything that you want to do in life, isn’t it? 

I bet there are things that you should have started or commenced, you put the start time or date off, sometimes indefinitely, because you didn’t feel quite right, you lacked the stomach for it or the planets weren’t aligned with Mars? I know because I used to do that a lot and we are all basically the same.  But basically it is better to begin and build some quick momentum, rather than wait for perfect conditions.

To wait for perfect conditions is procrastination, pure and simple. Ninety nine times out of a hundred you could start that report, story, training, studying or practising now, today, this minute. There is absolutely nothing stopping you, is there? Well apart from YOU saying to yourself, “I will wait until tomorrow, another day won’t matter.”

What Can You Do Starting Now?

Let us assume that you want to run a marathon, which sounds fantastic when you try and convince yourself that you want to enter the New York, Boston or London Marathon. You get all excited and until it is time for action, you know, where the rubber meets the road. Remember don’t wait for perfect conditions. perfect conditions

Now your exact position is basically this, you want to achieve your goal, but there is a big problem. You are unfit and the challenge seems daunting and now you are giving yourself every excuse under the sun, not to get going.

Relax this is quite normal, so instead of beating yourself up, spend 15 minutes in quiet solitude and just visualize running the whole race smoothly, just knowing that you have completed the necessary training to a good standard, which will allow you to finish the race. Never wait for perfect conditions they very rarely arrive.

Then put on your running gear and go for a mile walk. Can you see where I am going with this? In other words, although you want to keep the end in mind, you want to start slowly and improve gradually. Of course a full marathon is a frightening prospect for a lot of people, so start easy and build up slowly.

You don’t have to be a champion when you start out. You put the wheels in motion slowly at first and increase when you are ready. Remember start slow and finish strong. So after the 15 minutes of solitude, (complete silence, no movement, no interruptions) which you want to repeat every day, go and move, A light jog, walk or run will suffice, just putting on your running gear is a step forward. To wait for perfect conditions  is a total cop out and there are no acceptable excuses really.

What Is The Biggest Achievement?

Your biggest achievement will not be completing the marathon on the day. It will be the fact that you did something every day and you will get to that point very early on in your training, where you say to yourself, “Why did I put this off. I love it.”

Now I hope you can relate this to any subject you want it to relate to. I just happen to choose network marketing and sports, because that is my background.

Some days the training was as smooth as silk and other days I struggled, but I did it and so can you. Every time I went out for a run I would say to myself, “This is a great run, because I am out here doing it.” Funny enough my best times in training were when I thought I struggled, not when I ran smoothly. 

Lastly I didn’t wait for perfect conditions I ran in the baking hot sun, rain, strong winds, snow and the freezing cold. I didn’t matter to me either way, because my ultimate goal was written down, dated and up where I could see it every day.

In Summary

I don’t care what it is that you want to do, with a few exceptions (running the 100 metres as fast as Usain Bolt), you can do anything you set your heart and mind on. The only thing stopping you are the limits you place on yourself and the procrastination you employ. 

It takes courage to get going, tenacity to overcome the hurdles and persistence to keep going when it is easier to sit watching TV with a beer or glass of wine. So ignore your negative tendencies and don’t wait for perfect conditions

As NIKE says, “JUST DO IT!”

To Your Success

Paul Bursey