If I Fall I Will Get Up

If I Fall I Will Get Up. Is That A Winning Attitude?

How do you feel about that statement, “If I Fall I Will Get Up?” and would that describe how you feel and act? 

Not many people have a winning attitude in life and when things go wrong, they wilt in the heat. To win at anything, you have to be prepared to fight your corner and never stop pushing. You must develop the mindset and say, “If I fall I will get up.” so that when you get knocked down or attacked, you bounce back immediately.

So when things go wrong it is easy for anyone, including you and me, to back off, leave well alone or just plain old quit, isn’t it? I remember when I was boxing I would get hit hard or get knocked down and believe me if you ended up on the deck, you made sure you got up quickly or at least before the ten count. Miss the chance to get back to your feet and you were down and out, period.

if i fall i will get up

So many people find themselves floored by rejection, a negative comment or maybe a bad event that just happens and the majority of people do not recover or get back on that proverbial horse. They stop doing what is right and change direction, when they should be patting themselves on the back and saying, “I am never giving up.” 

I have to say that the sentence, “If I fall I will get up.” has been my mantra or an accepted way of life for me for years, whether I was playing soccer, hiking, running or boxing. 

Inside I hated losing, but never really displayed that on the outside for others to see. If I was presented with an obstacle I jumped over it. If I had a hurdle placed in my path I overcame it and if a problem raised it’s ugly head I dealt with it. I never dreamt of giving in to a challenge. 

But the key is how you think and act. Are you the type of person who is like a dog with a bone, who protects it come what may? I hope that you are that type of winner, who will slay the dragon when that beast turns up and is also willing to do what is necessary for a cause, your cause, something that you totally believe in.

So be the type of person who always says, “If I fall I will get up.” , because that is what other rare winners, aces and eagles espouse and look for in other quality people.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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