I Hope You Say I’m Glad I Did

Some Will Say “I Wish I Had”, Others Will Say “I’m Glad I Did.” What About You?

I know that I do not want to get to that time or place, when I can’t physically or mentally do that much, mainly because of a deterioration in the mind or body and then finding myself saying, “I wish I had.” I want to be one of those who say, “I am glad I did.” There appears to be too many people who either just don’t get it or remain uninspired, unfulfilled and quite frankly extremely unadventurous in their views and actions.

Let me give you some examples here. There are people who wish that they had travelled to foreign countries, built that business or climbed that mountain. “I wish I had learnt how to ski.” Are you one of those people? OR are you the type of person who makes sure that they enjoy life, gets the most out their time on this planet and actually do some really cool things in their life. You know the type of things I am talking about, those things that make people sit up, take notice and say, “I am glad I did.”i'm glad i did

Now I cannot talk about you. I can only talk about some of the things that appeal to me. Everyone will want to complete different things, such as places to visit, leisure activities to take part in, engage in new sports or beginning money making ventures. Everyone is unique and if you could collect all of the ambitions, dreams, goals and desires together, it would probably make a fascinating read. Hopefully you can get to that place where you can say, “I am glad I did.”

So How Do You Get To That Place Where You Can Say, “I Am Glad I Did?” 

I think the key here is to let your imagination run wild and make a decision or series of decisions to let go and learn how to enjoy yourself to the max, to teach yourself to chill out and go an do some really exciting and fun things, whether it is bungee jumping, watching the sunrise in Key West or wild river rafting, whatever floats your boat, makes you feel good or gets the adrenalin going.

You Must Learn To Make Every Second Count

Personally I have wasted a lot of precious time on that life clock not doing what I really wanted to do and for me there isn’t a second to lose. So from now on I will make every second count and make every move count.

On Friday I fly to San Francisco for three months, as I have always wanted to live in another country. If I like it I may stay longer or move on to another country. I don’t know if it is brave and courageous or foolhardy and potentially fraught with danger, who cares I am going. Hopefully I will say, “I’m glad I did.”

Here are some more things that i will achieve in the next one to two years. Becoming a pilot, learning to ski, qualifying in freefall, achieving diving qualifications and build a successful business in another country. Will I do it, you bet. 

In Summary

So what about you? What are you going to do in the next 24 months? Are you going to say, “I’m glad I did.” or are you going to remain stuck in a rut? It is your choice and whatever you choose I wish you well. But I hope you buy the biggest rocket that you can purchase, sit on it and light the fuse.

Get inspired and motivate yourself to have some fun and do exactly what you want to do, whether that is swimming with dolphins or going on a safari in Kenya. It doesn’t really matter as long as you can say to yourself, “I am glad I did.”

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

I’m glad I did