I Expect To Win

I Expect To Win Period

When you begin a new project, sport, task or venture, do you say to yourself, “I expect to win?” The words you say to yourself or out aloud, may not be exactly the same, as long as they relate to the endeavor you are going to be engaged in.

Most people obviously do not speak into existence what they really want, why do you think that is? Possibly because they fear the worse and expect to lose yet again. You see most people live in the past and are weighed down by past failures. I expect to win.

I personally believe that you have to start completely fresh and clean that slate. It is vital that you say what you want to yourself all the time and many times a day, so that it sinks into that thick skull of yours. It is the same for me also, so you are not alone. I expect to win.

Mohammad Ali Did Not Talk Himself Down, did He?

“I’m the greatest thing that ever lived. I’m so great I don’t have a mark on my face. I shook up the world.” Mohammad Ali

Now did he ever lose? Of course he did, but not very often. You see it all about having the right mindset and focus. Yes things are going to go wrong on occasions, but the important thing is the definite aura that was built up by Ali. He didn’t even think about losing until he did and you should to. I expect to win.

This aura of invincibility not only made Ali feel unbeatable, but it also let everyone else know that he was going to be World Champion, including his opponents, who were already beaten before the opening round. I expect to win.i-expect-to-win

How Can You Use These Affirmations To Help You?

Well first of all you MUST always talk in terms of success, winning and achievement. Refrain from talking yourself down or not saying anything at all. You never talk about defeat, although you must be aware of the fact that you will lose on occasions, but that is the way things are. You just don’t dwell on the negative. I expect to win.

A great posture and outstanding confidence will be fantastic assets that you can employ, as long as they do not turn to arrogance. Like-ability, tenacity and persistence are key components on your charge to the top, but there is a fine balance between a smirking, “I told you so.” and the relaxed confidence of saying, “I am going to get there regardless.” I expect to win.

What you are looking for in network marketing is the X Factor, which is a balance or mixture of the right elements of success, which are many. One of these elements is the expectation that you are going to win big. I expect to win.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey