How To Work Smarter

How To Work Smarter Not Harder

First of all you must accept full responsibility for your own success and basically you will have to learn how to work smarter the hard way, like most of us have done. But there is always an explanation to prevent misinterpretation here. 

If I can assist you in any way and come up with ideas or ways of teaching you to work smarter, then I will. Sometimes it is much better for your education, for you to make the mistakes first and then work it out yourself and or find legitimate ways of taking short cuts and reducing time wastage.

The main key here is always looking for ways to make life just that little bit easier as you build your network marketing business. Learning to work smarter and not harder is part of your learning curve.

I spoke with someone the other day and they were so excited about having a live webinar showcasing their business opportunity four nights a week, which they would be attending every night that it was being to work smarter

I have to say at first I was impressed that they were showing a tremendous commitment to their business, their team and showing a really good work ethic. But when I sat back down and thought about it. I suggested another idea. 

Why don't you record an outstanding webinar once and then you have one that is working for you 24/7. You know do the work once and then reap the rewards over and over again. This way you are working smarter, not harder and you can save your energy for the face to face meetings with your team and prospective partners who qualify for your time.

Let's look at this further here and say that you conduct these webinars four nights a week for 3 months, that equates to 52 30 minute webinars. That is a total of 26 hours, which could be used for leisure, the gym, social activities and having fun. Added to that would be a lot of preparation time.

In that time, with a recorded webinar, you could have thousands of people watching it, instead of a few going to the live call. I rest my case. 

i would have suggested the following as an alternative. Have one live webinar each week and combine this with the recorded webinar. You would save so much time, it would be unbelievable. You would have many more results, because the amount of people attending the webinars would increase dramatically.

The way I look at it is this, you are not doing a job here. The whole reason you are in this industry is for lifestyle and leverage. Why would you swap one job for another. Think smart all the way. I would much rather be sitting at  the table in a nice restaurant, sipping a fine wine, knowing that many people were attending my webinars.

Now this is not about ducking sweat equity at all, it is about learning how to work smarter not harder. You must work diligently and thoughtfully, but don't be a fool at the same time. I mean that in the nicest possible way. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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