How To Unlock Your True Potential

How To Unlock Your True Potential Now

Most people do not think about their potential and how to use the full amount that is available to them. We should be looking to up our own game to the maximum. So ask yourself this question, “What abilities can I develop in myself?

Have you ever tried to reach for the stars? Of course you are going to miss, but let’s be honest here, how much farther forward would you find yourself if you stretch as far as you can reach, rather than accepting average? We really don’t know our own capabilities, do we?

Personally I know that I have wasted a bag load of talent and opportunity on my journey. However I am learning to tap into more of my creative potential in my later years.

So How Do We Unlock Our Full Potential?

I think we all need to take a reality check first of all. Sit down in a quiet place. Consider reviewing how your life has gone so far and think about the future. We all need to think what rocks our own world, our passions, aims and ambitions to see what merits our attention.

There are always many things competing with attention. We need to narrow our wants down to a few things, so that we can focus properly and get where we want to go in life and business.

5 Actions We Can Take To Help Unfasten Our Potentiality

A. Reflect And Review Our Desired Destination

I basically asked myself 5 questions:

1. What is most important to me?

2. What am I most passionate about?

3. What makes me feel good?

4. What would I do because I just love doing it?

5. What do I really want to achieve?

By asking and answering these questions we will more likely to make ourselves happy in the long run and achieve something meaningful to to unlock your true potential

B. Learn To Be Strong And Know When To Say No

We need to stand up and shout from the rooftops what we really want. We are agreeable people and we say yes to most things, when we should be saying no to 97% of requests and offers.

In the end we take on far too much and achieve very little because we become like the scarecrow in The Wizard Of Oz. So of us is over here and part of us is over there, in fact we are everywhere and scattered. You must stay in control of your time and let things go in order to be a success.

C. Select Two Or Three Areas Where You Want To Excel In

As I mentioned previously we are juggling too many plates and most crash to the floor and smash because we are not focusing on a few priorities that are important to us.

My priorities are Video Creation, Developing my Network Marketing Blog and Football/Soccer refereeing. So take your time and choose what you want to go after extremely carefully.

D. Control Your Diary And Distractions

Your time is valuable, so plan your week as thoroughly as possible. Use time blocking to good effect. Set aside specific times to take care of the critical and vital tasks.

Ensure that you are ruthless with your precious minutes, so that you fully focus. Don’t allow interruptions to destroy or delay what you are trying to achieve.

Turn off social media and the phones when creating your future. There is a place for technology and people, but not when you are working for your future.

E. Personal Development And The Good Stuff

Self growth and personal development are the engine oil that lubricates your life and helps it run much smoother. This area is the one that will make the ultimate difference between success and failure, staying or quitting. It is mentioned last, but for me is the number one area to work on in the nooks and crannies of your life.

The good stuff relates to everything else in your life. Now because I am talking about potential here. Don’t get me wrong your family, significant other and your health wellness come first and you need to pay attention to those very special areas. I am just not going to mention them here.

It is your responsibility to use your full potential. No excuses are acceptable. You can do this my friend. The only person stopping you is you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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How to unlock your true potential.