How To Skillfully Listen To People

How To Skillfully Listen To People. This Is A Lost Art

The ability to listen to someone,¬†attentively, is a skill that you can learn over time. Sometimes this skill is referred to as ‘active listening.’¬†Other people call it ‘conversation generosity’ Now you don’t become a good listener by accident or overnight. There are some basic rules you need to follow:-

A) Always look at the person who is talking.

B) Consider leaning towards the speaker and listen intently.

C) Never cease to ask quality questions.

D) Don’t forget to stick to the speaker’s subject and remember not to interrupt.

E) Use the speaker’s words, ‘You’ and ‘Your’how to skillfully listen to people

Usually what happens is that people do not keep eye contact. That is always a key that the other person is not really interested in what you are saying or is just waiting for their moment to speak.

It takes a professional or at least someone with fantastic listening skills to keep quiet, lean towards the person speaking and actually pay attention. You can be classed as an excellent conversationalist just by remaining silent.

Although you are going to let the other person do most of the talking, it will be the quality of your questions that will enhance the conversation and make it interesting for everyone.

If you can stay on target and talk about the other person’s subject until they have completed what they want to say about that particular subject. It is very poor form to interrupt constantly and this will kill the flow of that conversation. The other person might lose the thread of what he/she wants to say.

When you ask questions to find out more information consider using the words you and yours, rather than I, me and mine. Always use what is called conversation generosity and allow the other person the courtesy of driving the dialogue.

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How to skillfully listen to people